Since Apr 15, 2005

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First-time caller, long-time listener.

I am liberal on some issues, conservative on others, myself on all of them.

Those who have a problem with that already know where the sun doesn't shine, and what my advice would be regarding the proper storage for such a problem.

Various Memorable Majicisms:

You can't see if you don't look.

An uncertain peace is better than certain war.

There is no such thing as a safe place.

Practice makes better -- there's no such thing as perfect.

You don't have to be honest to tell the truth, but it helps.

Ignorance is a lack of information. Stupidity is a deliberate lack of information.

Americans hate war. That's why we're so good at ending them.

Fundamentalist Marxists seek the destruction of all religions except their own.

Honest people can disagree. Dishonest people must disagree.

Ozzy's Uncertainty Principle: If you think you're right, you're wrong, and if you think you're wrong, you're right.

Elsewhere On The 'Net

I post under the same name on

I tried to maintain an account on, but they were too intolerant of dissent to permit me to remain. Thus they deprive themselves of the benefits of differing opinions and are cursed to wallow in their own self-imposed ignorance until such time as they get a clue regarding the tragic, self-destructive consequences of their hateful insularity.

Here's hoping the Free Republic will not devolve into similar folly.