Since Mar 28, 2002

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I am retired from IBM since 1996, from private consulting since 2002, and now spend part of my time teaching (MBA) Managerial Economics. Although I have little respect for most of the academic economists due to their political posturing, I do believe that economics provides a lot of insight into the major topics of the day.

My 31 years at IBM included hardware repair, program support, systems engineering, and sales, so I learned computer hardware from the ground up, and in more detail than anyone would see today. I also learned IBM operating systems, databases, and communications. My consulting was mostly on year-2000 readiness, networks, and upgrading older systems.

My other interest areas include finance, the sciences, and information technology. I have a particular recent interest in energy and alternative fuels. I have been a member of Mensa since 1988, a life member since 1994, and either president or vice president of my local group for 4 years.