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Veteran Navy Tailhook Aviator. Gulf War Vet. Retired from the reserves, not so recently anymore (time has flown). My civilian job is a spacecraft design engineer, supporting both commercial and government/DoD programs. Also part time commercial pilot. If I have the time to make contributions on FR, they will probably be from a technical viewpoint (I have a good BS detector!) or from a National Security perspective, though lately I find myself trying to inject my own brand of humor as well.

I am a Christian, Father, American, and Conservative Republican, in that order.

Hobbies: Flying, Skydiving, SCUBA, and Shooting Sports (all for over 40 years) and just about anything outdoors. I retired from skydiving after 40 years and 7000+ jumps. Still active with the other hobbies. I am just beginning off-roading in the beautiful Colorado/Utah area while learning to wrench on the Jeep at the same time.

I post on FR for several reasons. These include sharing common interests (i.e gun threads), civil conversations about politics and current events, learning from others who have studied areas of life and history that I have not found time to devote to as much, and to educate on what I have experienced perhaps more than others.

I do not post on FR to get involved in un-civil arguments or waste time arguing with nutjobs (i.e. 911 non-believers). I also don't come to FR to be stalked by nutjobs or petulant whiners who cant respectfully disagree. Since some nutjobs don't advertise that they are nuts, and over time you forget who you had to waste time arguing with, I have decided I need to keep a list. It is my intent that once you are on the list, you wont get any further replies from me. My life is more pleasant with this policy.

Nutjob "do not reply" list:

1)itsahoot - 911 conspiracy nut

2)messierhunter - rude stalker

3)Uncle Sham - lunar landing history denier

4)Sontagged - believes that the Iranian mining of six merchant vessels AND the taking of one of the crews hostage is really a CIA false flag (uh, nut job)

5)gaijin - ranted "Europe would today be better off had Hitler won, and yes, even for Jews". (uh, may be more whacked than typical nut job)

6)wildcard_redneck - Newbie Troll (Since Dec 30, 2018) looking for arguments and apparently stalker, asked to be added to the nutjob list, so I am obliging

7)does your screen name go here?

"I" before "E" except after "C". Disproven by Science. Weird !!

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