Since Nov 29, 2011

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Social Conservative First: Based upon Judeo-Christian values; overturn Everson vs. BrdEd & RoeWade; Constitutional right to PRACTICE religion publicly - whether or not it offends another; traditional marriage and family intrinsic to free society.

Constitutional Conservative Second: Government must be limited to protect the liberties of free men.

Fiscal Conservative Next: The definition of greed is to covet what one has not earned; it is the responsibility of every level of government to balance every budget every year; social programs are the responsibility of the Church not the government, (the Church will require recipients to alter destructive lifestyles as a precondition to support).

Foreign Policy Conservative to wrap up: The United States has both the right and the responsibility (to its citizens) to protect its sovereignty and pursue its best interests; US should withdraw immediately from UN, WTO, & IMF, organizations which are innately hostile to the interests of the US and free peoples everywhere.