L.N. Smithee
Since Mar 26, 1998

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"Let me interject at this point that I am a black man myself..."

Countless times, I have written that line in various ways in many of my posts to FR, which must number into the thousands since I first signed on in March of 1998.

In certain situations, it's important for me to mention my melanin content because people just assume that someone who holds some of the views that I do couldn't possibly know what it is like to be a black man in America.

Solely for descriptive purposes, I will say that most of my views are "conservative." I certainly am not "liberal," but I don't reject concepts and ideas out of hand simply because they are deemed "liberal." It just turns out that way the overwhelming majority of the time.

I can't promise that everyone will like what I have to say, but I will say it the best way I can, and hope that you all understand that there is no personal malice involved. Some of the folks here I have had my fiercest battles with have said things I agreed with wholeheartedly hours later.

I try to keep these rules in mind when I write a thread or issue a response:

P.S. Thanks Jim.