Since Nov 5, 2003

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Hi there. Looking forward to sharing opinions with my conservative friends! I have two wonderful grown children, and a new son-in-law. I thank God everyday for my wonderful family and friends.

I enjoy most all types of music, especially when the words have meaning. I love sports, especially football and basketball. I'm a huge Ohio State and Bengals fan.

I support our military and President Bush in every way.


Chaplain, I am a strong believer in Prayer. There are three ways that men get what they want; by planning, by working, and by Praying. Any great military operation takes careful planning, or thinking. Then you must have well-trained troops to carry it out: that's working. But between the plan and the operation there is always an unknown. That unknown spells defeat or victory, success or failure. It is the reaction of the actors to the ordeal when it actually comes. Some people call that getting the breaks; I call it God. God has His part, or margin in everything, That's where prayer comes in. Up to now, in the Third Army, God has been very good to us. We have never retreated; we have suffered no defeats, no famine, no epidemics. This is because a lot of people back home are praying for us. We were lucky in Africa, in Sicily, and in Italy. Simply because people prayed. But we have to pray for ourselves, too. A good soldier is not made merely by making him think and work. There is something in every soldier that goes deeper than thinking or working--it's his "guts." It is something that he has built in there: it is a world of truth and power that is higher than himself. Great living is not all output of thought and work. A man has to have intake as well. I don't know what you it, but I call it Religion, Prayer, or God...GENERAL GEORGE PATTON

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.-Albert Einstein

Freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know....(Author Unknown)

Woody Hayes ....

Some people change, and some people change too late, and then you have a problem. Like the one we had back home in Newcomerstown when they had to give up driver's ed in the high school because the horse died.
I don't apologize for anything. When I make a mistake, I take the blame and go on from there.
I just despise to lose, and that has taken a man of mediocre ability and made a pretty good coach out of him.
You can never pay back, but you can always pay forward.
I don't live in the past. I'm a student of the past, and I try to learn from the past, although some people will say, 'You haven't done a very good job of it.' But for me to live in the past? Hell, no.
Woody on Bo Schembechler: We respected one another so damn much. Now that doesn't mean I didn't get so mad at him that I wanted to kick him in the, uh, groin.
You don't get hurt running straight ahead... three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust offense. I will pound you and pound you until you quit.
I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people.
Eliminate the mistakes and you'll never lose a game. To eliminate mistakes, you have to pick the right QB. And the pass is a weapon of surprise -- don't overuse it.
I love football. I think it is the most wonderful game in the world and I despise to lose.