Since Jun 26, 2001

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Here I am unintentionally photographed by some DemocRATs in a 'sea' of their own supporters at the federal Building earlier in 2001 for their album where they attempted to show photos of only themselves! I am the "better half" (as my husband would claim) to AgThorn, also here in the California profiles for Freepers. We are California Conservative Republicans. I was born in Peru in .... well never mind, let's just say I moved here as a teenager in '67. All though we have been lurkers here for a bit during the 2000 election, we were quite active with many of the Bush2000 newsgroups, as well as direct supporters of Bush's election prior to actively posting on FreeRupublic.

Jesse Peterson, Lily4Jesus & husband AgThorn in Hollywood, 3/22/03More regionally speaking we were quite active in many Los Angeles "city" election issues as well as the drive for local control with

. Havin relocated to San Diego late in 2004 to be near a new grandchild, we are yet to become as active in our new area. Being parents of 6 great children and now 3 beautiful grand-children (4th on the way), we are prayerfully thankful for George W. Bush becoming our President and support anything that will return our great country to a moral leadership road.

God Bless,


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