Since Jul 31, 1998

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Our biggest problem is the press. WE HAVE A FREE PRESS, BUT NOT A FAIR PRESS! Big Press cannot be trusted to give truthful reports on things that happens. For example: Trevon Martin and Michael Brown both died for the same reason, i.e., they attacked men who had a gun. Their deaths had nothing to do with race and we conservatives should remind those in the press at every opportunity. WORDS HAVE MEANING: Do not refer to Bill Clinton's wife as "Hillary" because this attaches a warm and friendly term to her. Instead, refer to this incredibly cold and heartless woman simply as "Mrs. Bill Clinton" (in polite conversation) because it's a subtle reminder that she is nothing without Bill.

ABORTION: A DNA test would PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that a preborn child is a distinct and unique human being! Yes, before birth it’s connected to its mother by an umbilical cord, but it has its own DNA and thus is a UNIQUE human being, proving that it is inside its mother’s body, but never a part of her body. The case for use of a DNA test should be made at every opportunity when talking about abortion.

WORDS HAVE MEANING: Pro-lifers should use the term “preborn” instead of the term “unborn” because it gathers more sympathy plus it’s more accurate. In order to “undo” anything, it must first be "done". Many computer programs have an “undo” function in order to reverse the last operation performed. So to “unborn” a baby, one would first have to be born and then, somehow, be pushed back into the womb. The term “preborn” is an accurate description of the situation.

WORDS HAVE MEANING: Liberals made big political gains when they successfully got the public to use the term “homeless” instead of “bum”. Liberals want you to believe that homosexuals and lesbians are born the way they are use the term “sexual orientation”. The fact that there are FORMER homosexuals proves they were NOT born that way, thus “sexual choice” is a better term.