Since Jul 18, 2019

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About me: I grew up poor in an Indiana town of about 30,000 people. I had a very diverse group of friends all through my public education. My best friends were Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, Black, and White of course. The way we talked to each other then, is considered unforgivable racism today. Poking fun at our differences, including skin color was regular parlance, and we laughed and had a good time with no hard feelings.

Being called gringo and white boy was an everyday thing for me, and I gave it right back all in good fun. The only personal insult that is fightin words, is being called a Nazi. I think if people would realize we are all different and accept that, and treat race like me and my homies treated it, this would be a better country. But as it is, the world wants to keep pretending we are all the same.