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I am a FReeper and Q Researcher (FReeQ). One of my contributions to Q Research is the topic of the NXIVM sex cult trial happening in NY. Here you will find my more recent updates on the trial and related people and events.

NXIVM Update

What is NXIVM?

(pronounced nek-see-um)?

NXIVM was started in 1998 in the upstate NY area by disgraced multi-level-marketer Keith Raniere and bills itself as an organization for personal development that trains people in "human empowerment". In March 2018, Raniere and five of his top inner-circle were indicted by Federal authorities on a variety of charges related to racketeering, conspiracy, money-laundering, sex offenses, human trafficking, and more. The five other women have all pleaded out around April, leaving Raniere as the only person at the jury trial that started on May 7th. Raniere and his top lieutenants have long, deep ties to many NY politicians including Clinton, Gillibrand, Cuomo, and others. The news media is barely reporting this story for obvious reasons.

Raniere was found guilty on all charges by the jury on June 19, 2019. His sentencing was scheduled for September 25, 2019, but is now expected to happen in early 2020. He faces life in prison.

Previous NXIVM updates can be found on my homepage Here.

Forgive spelling errors on names. I've gotten one or two wrong over time.

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