Since Nov 28, 1997

view home page, enter name: studies...worked for Nixon as campaign worker twice, Ford, Reagan...supporter of Republican politics but not without some reservations about the social agenda.

Discovered FR off Drudge's website. Ex-wife and I were at the March for Justice. My favorite story is the guard in front of the White House who wanted to know where he could get a t-shirt like we were wearing of Clinton in jail. Wish we had an extra to give him. Those who were there remember that shirt...hehe.

1st Wife and I are divorced after 27 years of marriage...toughest thing I have ever been through.
Now remarried...making progress on formerly liberal bride.
Two children... Must be doing my job because my 29 year old son is a subscriber to Rush 24/7...and my 19-year old daughter loves reading some of the bright, funny, witty minds on FR. Was a team leader for's about the survival of the republic. We are in a cultural civil war...and the passions are heating up. For our children's sake, it is a war we must win...with the ideas that must triumph. Any Republican over Hitlery!