Since Aug 26, 1999

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Retired Aerospace engineer, (Consulting CSP) Also former Math Teacher, Now enjoying a Full Time RV Lifestyle with my conservative wife of 26 years Actually stopped full timing in 2006, now living in a retirement community in San Jose

Worked in California and Austin but retired to the deep South to be around people of similar values. Have had to take a break in RVing and have set down roots in the SF area for a while to deal with an injured son. The RV is in storage for now, the boy is making a slow recovery with some nerve damage to the arm and leg and serious injury to the pelvis. His recovery is now well enough that I plan to return to teaching in the Fall 2008.

Well teaching was fun, but I am pink slipped along with others, looking forward to retirement and maybe some nice tea parties soon.

Well engineering called me back to Lockheed Martin as a consultant, then after that I was employed by San Jose State University. As of now, I have decided to be fully retired so I will change my tag line. Stopped teaching due to shortness of breath. Finally had a crisis and the hospital got me on a ventilator. I took the sleep apnea test and have severe obstruction sleep apnea which due to the ventilator and a program called AVAP (stronger than CPAP or BPAP), I am getting better -- still plan on staying retired.