Kandy Atz
Since Feb 19, 2005

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Christian Conservative Dispensational Premillennial - Texas Native - SMU fan - blogger/author - I am much more impressive standing.
I am a Believer, made alive In Christ, and placed in the Body by my Heavenly Father. The Bible was the first book I read as a child. I was raised by two Spirit-filled Believers and attended a Methodist church and universities, where I studied many subjects including the Bible. My degree however was in Advertising Management, with a Minor in History from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Religion got boring, life got hard, so I drifted away. But then I came back with a renewed determination to KNOW God, and not just attend church. I wanted RELATIONSHIP, not religion. During that time, I also started writing Christian children’s stories, Bible stories, poems, songs, and publishing content written by my parents, and sermon notes from my circuit-riding Grandfather. I have a fondness for the 80s, especially the music, politics, history, and anything else worth discussing. I hope you enjoy some of my ramblings.
I want MAXIMUM LIBERTY and limited government. A GOOD Congress and administration does very little, as every new law and tax often means less Liberty for you and me.