Kandy Atz
Since Feb 19, 2005

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I long for the day when half the population is not employed by or dependent on the government.

I long for a time when children are allowed to attend the school of their choice with a voucher in hand and get a REAL education, not some watered down, multicultural love fest.

I hope for a day when the 1st and 2nd Amendments are never in jeopardy by ignorant people who can’t understand plain English.

I pray for a time when expressing or displaying one’s religious belief is not considered hate speech by some goofy liberal.

I eagerly wait for the day when EVERYONE pays some taxes at an equal rate and the IRS becomes a forgotten acronym of the past.

I will love it when Americans will all have medical savings accounts growing tax free allowing them to make their own choices on what medical treatment is best for them.

I know eventually government will get out of the retirement business allowing Americans to actually save their own money and Social Security will be a footnote in the history books.

I can’t wait to go to Washington D.C. and instead of seeing hundreds of buildings filled with government bureacrats doing nothing, I will see people creating private sector jobs that really do stimulate the economy.

I know some day soon we will have a military that is strong enough to put fear in the hearts of our enemies and will be appreciated by our friends and all Americans.

It will be so sweet when property owners can achieve their dreams without some government pest constantly interfering with their plans for their own land.

In the not too distant future, people will look back and laugh at Al Gore and the global warming alarmists the same way we mock the global cooling alarmists in the 70s.

I pray for the day that Americans use their brains instead of their emotions when they enter the voting booth.

I hope for leadership that champions our rights to drill on our land and on our seas, builds nuclear reactors and uses the coal and other resources God gave us.

I long for future elections where we will elect Constitutionally eligible Presidents who believe the Constitution is not just a bunch of helpful suggestions.

I long for an America that KNOWS it is great because of the Liberty our Founders blessed us with, not because of any politician or party.