Since Nov 29, 2009

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I am politically active for the first time in my life and signed on here to learn if others think as I do. Which, it seems I have hit the jackpot on that! I have been lurking for a while and hope to gain more info than I would from limiting myself to talk radio, MSM and other sites that are tooooooo out there. I hope I can contribute to the discussions in a positive way as well.

For the record, my husband is a VN Vet radio operator USMC. My father, Uncle and SIL also USMC. My son served in Desert Storm USN. My brother did two tours of Nam US Army. God Bless all who served!

I am a member of the TEA Party and worked with Veterans and civilians as a health care provider during my career. Now retired and enjoying grandkids.

I am considered a terrorist by Homeland Security...