Josh Painter
Since Apr 13, 2005

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Josh Painter, a FReeper since April, 2005, resides in the Lone Star State’s Brazos River Valley. He earned a BA degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas’ Fulbright College and was in the radio business for 20 years. Disgusted with the liberal bias in most newsrooms, he changed careers and was an I.T. professional for another 20 years until his retirement. A long-time centrist Democrat until “Reagan and Rush changed my way of thinking,” Josh became politically active when he got involved in the Draft Fred Thompson grassroots movement. He began blogging for Fred and managed several blogs, including the now-inactive Now Josh has two blogs - Texas for Sarah Palin and The Book of Sarah. He also manages the Bloggers for Sarah Palin blogroll and is a contributor to Polical Lore, Publius’ Forum, and Palin Twibe.