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A request for others here is not to attribute words to me that I do not write. I make a great effort to say the words I mean and mean the words I say. Feel free to copy and post MY comments but please, do not paraphrase and attribute your words to me.

In an interview on BBC Radio with Sir David Attenborough, a British naturalist that has made 100s of documentaries for the BBC.

Since it was the week of Darwins 200th birthday the interviewer asked “why in a society supposedly as educated as the United States is, do more than half still believe in the creationist point of view over Darwins theory?”

Sir David stated “any scientist knows and anyone with a real education knows how the world was truly formed and all science proves from dna to fossils that evolution is in no doubt.” He added “many societies have their own mythology on how the world was created, and whether from the jungles of the South Pacific or the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, where they believe man was made from mud and women from mans rib - people have a tendency to believe the nice little stories their mothers tell them.”

The next and final part of the interview the gentleman asked, “Sir David you have made hundreds or even thousands of hours of film, what show really stands out for you?”

Sir David said “oh so very many but the one most often mentioned was the apes in Nirobi” the interviewer said “Oh yes, one of my favorites, with the ape hugging you and the other playing with your shoe string - were you not scared?”; Sir David said “no not at all, IT WAS A BIT LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN!”

There were two or three seconds of a pregnant pause/dead air, which was long considering it was talk radio, as both gentlemen had realized what he said, he then added, “well, you know what I mean”. The interviewer said, “yes of course, thank you Sir David.”