Since Sep 30, 2006

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I was born a preemie in the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1967. I have lived in Framingham, Ma. since the age of three. I’ve been a conservative registered Republican in profoundly liberal-I mean progressive-Massachusetts since the summer of 1994 just prior to the federal Republican Revolution. I’ve been a lurker on Free Republic since July 5, 2003. My reasons for living in Massachusetts have nothing at all to do with politics, and I hope I can afford to leave Massachusetts in a few years from now if not even sooner. Politics in general is already such a joke here in Massachusetts, and it’s even getting worse throughout Massachusetts every month. I can now even say that the entire U.S. is finished as a country after what happened on November 7, ‘06, and socialism will eventually run amok for I don’t know how long. What a mess here with no end in sight! John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin truly changes everything! It’s like a reawakening of the entire conservative movement, and Sarah Palin will truly help lead the way. I’m not as pessimistic about the long-term future of U.S. politics anymore! I enjoy decent movies, comical television, classical television, weird movies, weird television, conservative political books, all information involving third political parties and independent candidates of all political levels and of all political stripes, and new age, jazz, and classical music. I’m also a big fan of Howie Carr’s writing and talk radio show, and it continues to be a real shame that Howie Carr isn’t on as many talk radio stations as Rush Limbaugh presently is. Howie Carr would definitely do very well with his talk show if it was on as many radio stations as Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. By the way, congratulations on Howie Carr being elected into the National Radio Hall of Fame in ‘08! Unfortunately, conservative talk radio and conservative blogs may very well be an endangered species soon, or, at the very least, the attempts to make conservative talk radio and conservative blogs an endangered species will be ongoing with the Fairness Doctrine legislation and other very similar pieces of legislation definitely going to be brought up again and again by leftist politicians. The entire U.S. may be screwed in the future, depending upon the future political makeup of the U.S.! What’s the point of even having a fence now, if socialistic politicians truly do become a political majority for the long-term? What happens now to U.S. national security with a possible “leftist” majority of politicians? What a mess for the entire U.S. as a country, if “leftists” truly do become a majority for the long-term! Also, the future giant influx of illegal immigrants that will soon come into the U.S. non-stop as giant waves of people very soon after “amnesty for illegals” eventually does pass in the Democratically controlled Congress (also with help from all of the “pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants” Republicans from both Houses of Congress) and then is eventually signed into law, it will not only endanger the total existence of the Republican Party but also will end up endangering the total existence and the total “political clout” of all of “U.S. conservatism” as well! The illegal immigrant population throughout the U.S. will eventually register to vote for the Democratic Party and for “leftist politics” forever, and then, conservatism will end up very soon becoming a minority presence until its eventual death throughout the U.S.! Understand that this “Shamnesty” legislation along with legislation that creates the very socialistic “North American Union”, which is along the same lines as the present, ongoing, very socialistic European Union, will be brought back over and over again until they both are possibly, eventually passed in both Houses of Congress and are eventually signed into law by whoever succeeds President Bush. This is why it’s extremely important that no Democrat succeeds in winning the Presidency on November 4, 2008. This is also why it’s extremely important to seriously try to get as many truly conservative, “anti-amnesty for illegal immigrants” politicians successfully elected to political offices at each and every level from now on! There are still way too many people and still way too many special interest groups from within the U.S. who truly want to create amnesty for illegal immigrants for both cheap labor reasons and for creating more voters who will very strongly favor “leftist politicians” at every political level for as long as they truly can legally vote from within the U.S.! They will not stop until these two very bad pieces of legislation truly and eventually do become a reality throughout the U.S.! I fear that the worse is yet to come for the entire U.S. All truly conservative politicians all over the world must find very successful ways of reversing political correctness including successfully reversing everything closely associated with political correctness including but not limited to the dumbing down of the entire world. If political correctness and everything associated with political correctness is successfully put into reverse until it’s eventually eliminated for always, then all of the political issues of the world would truly be resolved much better than they would be with political correctness still in existence. All of the world’s continuing problems also have some element of political correctness in them, and this truly needs to end! Doing nothing about reversing and eventually eliminating political correctness will only make it even worse everyday all over the entire world! I had originally decided to seriously vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President of the U.S. on November 4 as a serious protest vote against both Barack Obama and John McCain, but John McCain truly changed all of that after picking Sarah Palin to be his Vice President. On November 4, I will truly be voting for the John McCain/Sarah Palin Presidential ticket, because Sarah Palin is truly awesome in a finite number of ways! What a truly brilliant political move, John McCain! Unfortunately, the left continues to dominate world politics, in 2012 and beyond...Why must the GOP move leftwards, politically, too, instead of, just, staying put as a conservative political party, on all issues and for always? God bless all of you, always! John Moore