John O
Since Jul 8, 1998

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Proud daddy of the world's most beautiful 17 year old girl. Doing my best to raise her to be a Godly (Christian), healthy, strong, pure, conservative woman. (I'll take any prayers I can get here especially since I'm a single daddy since my wife passed away 12 years ago.)

I am a survivor of sexual assault. In my early teens I was repeatedly molested by a friend of the family (see here for how it happened. (This is not my story but the methods used stay the same)). As a result of that I am profoundly aware of the damage that the homosexual culture is seeking to inflict on us.

After responding to many posts with esssentially the same reply's I noticed that these three things about homosexuality are immutable. Hence they have become the three laws:

The first law of homosexuality:

'Homosexuals' don't reproduce, they recruit

The second law of homosexuality:

To the mentally healthy (heterosexual), sex is something you do;
To the mentally diseased ('homosexual'), sex is everything you are.

The third law of homosexuality:

Any exposure of children to homosexual behavior is child abuse