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For Democrats, New Challenge in Losing France

Lemme see. John Howard in Australia. Shinzo Abe in Japan. Angela Merkel in Germany. Stephen Harper in Canada. Nicolas Sarkozy in France. Now Democrats can't even move to France if they lose the elections next year. So sad.

In Europe, Bush now has friendly conservative leaders in Paris as well as Berlin. DailyKos nuts will want another audit of Rove's crooked Diebold machines.

Libbies are shocked, stunned and amazed that the candidate promising another 500,000 gov'mint bureaucrats, a stagnant economy and more Muslim riots could lose an election.

The New York Times surprisingly tried to be fair and balanced, despite the grim news Sunday, even flattering Sarkozy by calling him "arrogant, brutal, an authoritarian demagogue, a 'perfect Iago'" who, after proving his critics wrong by trouncing Segolene Royal, "now has five years to prove his critics wrong." Liberals can't stomach Sarko for four main reasons:

(1) Unlike the editors of the New York Times, he is not a communist.
(2) He stubbornly clings to the free market -- despite Cuba, North Korea and other gems of socialist "advancement."
(3) He's pro-American, despite the beastly evil of BeelzeBush.
(4) He shook BeelzeBush's hand, proving he's a BeelzeBushbot.

There's even a fifth reason -- that Sarko went out of his way to 'insult' the Muslim rioters of '05, who torched cars and looted, by accusing them of being the 'scum' who torched cars and looted.

"Reporters" covering the campaign were absurdly holding out hope for Sego, even during the campaign's closing days, when they said Sego had 'gone on offense' and described her hysterical attacks on Sarko as "withering" and "scathing." You wonder how "withering" they actually were if the witherer end ups helping the witheree in the polls. In the last week of the campaign, Sego's withering attacks withered Sarko to a 10-point lead.

Sego showcased her 'new and improved' "combative" and "determined" style during the televised debate, when she angrily accused Sarko several hundred times of being too angry to be president, driving Sarko's point home that it's Sego who's really the wolf in she's clothing here.
Sarko: "I don't know why Madame Royal, who is usually calm, has lost her cool."
Royal: "I have not lost my cool! I'm angry, it's not the same! Don't be contemptuous! Mr. Sarkozy, don't be contemptuous! I have not lost my cool, I'm angry!" Sarko gave the harpy just enough rope, then tightened the noose with this: "Well, if you say so, but you just lost it."

Her debate performance was so awful, the media thought she won. "Royal rose to the challenge . . . Royal hammered away," the Los Angeles Times crowed, practicing the lines they plan to use to help that other socialist harpy -- Hillary. "She seemed determined to display strength and authority to voters who doubted her credentials . . . Royal charged quickly unto turf where Sarkozy has built his reputation: security."

In response to dropping like a rock in post-debate polls, Sego tried a more nuanced message -- that "violence and brutality" will engulf France if voters don't elect her. She warned that unless she wins the elections, riots will break out everywhere and angry "youth" will start torching cars again. The French public responded with shock. There are still cars left to burn?

Sego got shriller and shriller. On Thursday she accused Sarko of wanting to bring on a system of brutality, then on Friday she called Sarko a "dangerous choice" who will threaten democracy itself, then later on Friday she raised the prospect of civil war, then on Sunday she surrendered.

Given the idiotic platform she ran on and the lousy poll numbers, by Saturday everyone knew Sego was here today, Se-gone tomorrow.

If you're Bush or Rove, and you were mischievously recruiting the ideal candidate to drive the final stake into all the lazy 'World-Hates-Yanks-And-Really-Detests-Bush' conventions that Democrats and their shoulder-parrots in the press have built these past six years, you come up with Sarkozy. And if poking a needle in the elitism balloon and driving the 'tolerance'-mongers bananas is your bag, you go for the chap with Jewish background, who came up the ranks outside France's "prestigious" National School of Administration -- Sarkozy. If you're a libbie, it's enough to make your head explode. But it's Sarkozy's strong pro-America/pro-Bush stance which lights the fuse. The idiot press here hourly whips out the measuring tape to gauge the distance between Bush and the GOP White House hopefuls, but Sarkozy ran as an unabashed pro-America Bushie. It's a measure of how anemic running on an anti-Bush platform is (even in France!) that Sego 'forgot' during the televised debate to link Sarkozy to Bush, leader of the Illuminati-Cowboys-For-Global-Domination conspiracy in Washington, as she'd done numerous times on the campaign stump. Didn't bother to even utter the name. Out of ammo, trailing in the polls, Sego resorted to calling Sarko "brutal." Yawn.

"Brutal" Sarkozy ran on cutting taxes by $20 billion, slashing gov'mint spending, shrinking the bureaucracy, letting people work over 35 hours per week, getting the lazy socialists off their duffs and back to work -- which by itself I suspect will restore full employment -- and, rounding off Sarko's Brutality Package, introducing the revolutionary concept of getting fired if you do lousy work.

Experts say, 'not gonna happen.' The womb-to-the-tombers will be out in force all over the place. The darling little union thugs will threaten mayhem. The question isn't, 'Can Sarkozy reform France?' so much as, 'Can France reform Sarkozy?'. With enough looting and a big enough Car-B-Que, Sarko folds like a cheap Renault. Perhaps. And many of those saying 'not gonna happen' also said some pol with Jewish background running in France as the candidate of change from inside Chirac's cabinet isn't gonna happen either -- at the polls, anyway. While no clear-thinking warmonger expects from Sarkozy much help in spreading our evil domination over the planet -- given his stance on Iraq -- it may be too early to write off the Sarkster, coming off an election showing France with enough conservatives banding together to form a movement potent enough to elect a Sarkozy. In any case, a Sarkozy presidency and Sarkozy parliament (elections set for June) will have an easier go at reform than a Bush presidency saddled with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. As for the 'backlash,' looting and Car-B-Que-ing as political strategy may work in the short run, but do too much of it for too long and you'll bum out the "center" -- the "center" these same 'experts' keep yapping about that you need to win.

Omniscient experts also said gender is destiny, run as a female, go medieval on Sarkozy in debate, rack up the female vote and the election's in the bag. Inspired by the idea of Sego Making History As The First Female President Of France, most chicks went for the dude.

Looking in the mirror, gliding that five-blade Gillette razor across a layer of foam on her cheeks every morning when shaving, Hillary thinks she sees the next president. If the French election is any portent, not gonna happen.

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