Since Nov 22, 2000

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Ok, what goes in a profile? I live in North Idaho, where I‘m happily retired.

I'm married to a magnificent woman, and we're enjoying our life here in God’s country.

I grew up in Brooklyn, moved to the SF area in 1986, to Idaho in 2013. I Love baseball, especially the Yankees, though I’m boycotting this season, or until MLB becomes American again. I Made the journey from left to right. College protest against Viet Nam, but felt extreme guilt when the communists took over and murdered millions in SE Asia. Political conversion was via President Reagan, cemented by Limbaugh. I am a political junkie, and thrilled to witness the magnificent accomplishments of President Trump.

I have two fantastic sons and three wonderful stepdaughters, three grandchildren. I spend my time painting in watercolor and acrylic, when I’m not doing projects around the house. And working on my HO train layout.