J. Neil Schulman
Since Mar 27, 2003

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I'm the author of eleven books -- both fiction and nonfiction.

Even though I've spent most of my life writing for print media (ten books, magazines like National Review, Readers Digest, Reason, Liberty, newspapers like the Los Angeles Times) more people probably know the episode I wrote in 1986 for The Twilight Zone on CBS network TV-- 'Profile in Silver' -- the one about time-travel and the JFK assassination -- than anything else I've done.

My personal website (which contains my most recent articles, bio info, etc.) is The World According to J. Neil Schulman.

My books reflect my widely varying interests. My first novel Alongside Night (1979) is a near-future thriller with political background. It's probably my most popular book in terms of book sales and praise -- it won the 1989 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award and has gotten nice things said about it from Nobel-laureate economist Milton Friedman, Anthony Burgess, Robert Anton Wilson, Thomas S. Szasz, MD, F. Paul Wilson, Poul Anderson, Michael Medved, and Jerry Pournelle, among others.

My second novel The Rainbow Cadenza (1983) is a far-future science-fiction tale which combines plotlines having to do with art, cloning, medical technology and ethics, gender roles, sex selection, the draft, technology, among other explorations. This novel won the 1984 Prometheus Award and got recommended by Robert A. Heinlein, Colin Wilson, Nathaniel Branden, Michael Medved, Gregory Benford, and others.

My newest novel Escape From Heaven (2002) is a comedy in which I get to play with everything from theology to religion (not the same thing at all!) to politics to how media dominates our world -- and I tell you how God got the idea of creating anything new and the meaning of life. I started outlining this book in February 1991 but most of this novel was written in the three weeks following 9/11. It's brand new but it's already gotten nice things said about it by Jerry Pournelle, David Brin, Colin Wilson, Piers Anthony, Brad Linaweaver, John DeChancie, and others. This being my newest book it is, of course, the one I'm most anxious for you to read!!! I also think it's my funniest and most overall entertaining.

I've also written books about the role of firearms in America (Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns, 1994); why both sides in the O.J. Simpson trials were wrong (The Frame of the Century?, 1999), my Twilight Zone episode (Profile in Silver and Other Screenwritings, 1999); nine of my short stories (Nasty, Brutish, and Short Stories, 1999); my interview with s-f grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein (The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana, 1990); and Self Control Not Gun Control (1995) contains 'arguments & poetry on the Meaning of Life, American Culture, power, the New Age, rudeness, books, and--oh, yeah--guns.'

My newest book, which I'm currently editing, is titled I MET GOD. It's now available as an audiobook. You can listen to excerpts from the audiobook edition and download the complete audiobook at http://www.IMETGOD.com.

I now divide my time between family homes in Nevada (an hour outside Las Vegas) and Los Angeles, California; am a divorced dad; and I am permanently on a weight-loss diet.

I'm an American libertarian patriot and won't tell you what you're not supposed to put in your mouth if you don't tell me what I'm not supposed to put in my mouth.