Since Mar 29, 1999

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By way of background I possess an earned Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, a M.A. in the New Testament and a B.A. in Bible. All of these degrees are from theologically conservative, evangelical schools. I have been in the ministry since 1980. Since 1994 God has allowed me the privilege of teaching at numerous new evangelical Bible colleges, seminaries and Christian universities that have opened up within the former USSR since the fall of communism. When not teaching overseas I am employed as a professor with Cambridge Graduate School teaching courses on Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, New Testament, Old Testament Survey, Pastoral Studies, Missions Evangelism and Discipleship, etc.

I am deeply committed to Christ and have been blessed with a wide range of international ministry/missions experience throughout the Pacific Rim, as well as the former Soviet Union. Additionally, I possess comprehensive pastoral and prison chaplaincy experience and have ministered to congregations numbering from 250 to well over 2000 people.

I have not just sat behind a desk, but have seen Christ at work throughout the Pacific Rim, the United States, and. most recently, the former Soviet Union and South America. I am also interested in possibly working in conjunction with an evangelical church or school in the United States to help establish a Bible college or seminary within the former USSR.

Yours in Christ,

Jerry S, Ph.D.