Since Sep 6, 2001

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My blog is I am a Marine, retired NYC PD street cop. I hold membership in The NYPD’s Honor Legion, American Mensa and the Sons of The American Revolution and Sons of Union Veterans. My second great grandfather was wounded at Gettysburg. I have been involved in politics at the grassroots level for 35 years. My biggest achievement so far has been changing the course of the Pataki Coumo race in 1994 and helping to beat Kerry with Catholics Against Kerry in 2004.
CaK beat Kerry in Youngstown which helped sway Ohio and we beat him in New Mexico which helped slow down “Cowboy Bill” Richardson. Stop by and let me hear your reactions.
My latest book Eli Wallace a family’s journey through history is an historic novel that follows a family from the water front slums of London in 1710 to power politics in the early Civil Rights movement in 1910. It features the racial intertwining of a family that is so well mixed that determining their race is difficult. History lovers will recognize the details and real life stories interwoven throughout the ride. As soon as I find a publisher with the courage to publish it, Eli will be ready to go.