Since Sep 6, 2001

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My blog is; and I am fortunate enough to have a staff of great writers. I am a Marine, retired NYC PD street cop. I hold membership in The NYPD’s Honor Legion, American Mensa and the Sons of The American Revolution. I have been involved in politics at the grassroots level for 30 years. My biggest achievement so far has been changing the course of the Pataki Coumo race in 1994 and helping to beat Kerry with Catholics Against Kerry in 2004.
CaK beat Kerry in Youngstown which helped sway Ohio and we beat him in New Mexico which helped slow down “Cowboy Bill” Richardson.

Stop by and let me hear your reactions. My two latest books Crooks thugs and Bigots: the lost hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party and America Island a story about a band of patriots who buy an island and start America all over again. Both are available by writing me at