Since Oct 24, 2001

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Let's see. I'm an Energy Insurance Broker for a living. I've also been mobilized twice since 9/11 as a Navy reservist, the first time to Kuwait, the second to Africa. In Kuwait, my unit guarded the two Kuwaiti ports where the Coalition shipped in equipment, ammo, etc., from USS Cole type attacks. We also guarded the two Iraqi gulf oil terminals. I then transferred to a small boat unit for a few years eventually becoming XO and am now with Maritime Civil Affairs. My second deployment to Africa was much better than Kuwait. I was downrange doing a lot more fun stuff. My team worked to train an African country's coast guard, some anti-piracy training on merchant vessels and humanitarian assistance projects.

I have been fortunate to marry the love of my live, the beautiful Jennifer in 2008. She's much more conservative than I am. I'm fairly conservative, but not super hard core. My favorite issue is probably 2A stuff.

At the long end of a fruitful search for God, I've returned to my Catholic upbringing, a lot more sober and understanding of the Faith. It's the day-to-day living of faith that can be difficult.

Behold, I make all things new.