Since Apr 15, 2010

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In 2008 the campaign for “Hope and Change” conquered the hearts of the masses, only these weren’t the “huddle masses” like the ones at Ellis Island, but these were the masses rallying for radical change, change the “sheeple” themselves didn’t understand, because they actually were the uneducated, the disenfranchised, low-income subsidized individuals... Even the far left elitists joined with them to lift the banner of change. Only they were mistakenly aiming to gut the heart out of what made this country great.

Like I heard someone recently say, “How’s that hope and change working for you?” Are you now earning more money today and paying off your loans, credit cards and mortgages?

Now that the rallying is over and Bush is out of office, let's help reality to set in. Want to hear the real meaning of “Hope And Change”














Today on April 15th,2010 “We the People” have a message for you Mr. Obama:

In America you can bailout corporations with a long standing record of bad stewardship on tax payer dollars, you can monopolize the auto industry, aim to destroy the middle class, destroy the best health care system in the world, but there is one thing you CANNOT DO and that is mess with the People’s Constitution!!! The same spirit that rose against the British Invasion will also rise against your administration.

There are still 200 million Americans who haven’t bent their knee to the hammer and sickle in America today. ...And it is these that will vote you and all your motley crue brigade out of the High Office and the House and Senate floors…

Your strategy of “divide and conquer”, to silence, to demonize those that uphold the Constitution and the values that made this country great have lost their mesmerizing effect on America, hence we see the weakness of your Administration clearly.

Your need to feed your ego and your thirst for power will go unquenched… you will no longer be the accessory to the globalist agenda.

But we will thank you in November, for single-handedly destroy the leftist Democratic Party that has run this country down for so long. Yes, the change is coming, but not the change you intended or expected.

Alinsky and Ayers were your mentors; but the real radicalists in a good sense here are the Founding Fathers who were able to form a “Nation under God” endowed by the manifold wisdom of Almighty God.

Ummm…. One last thing Mr. Obama… Hitler tried this and failed …before the internet era and the information age.

By the way, I have read the Good Book… In the end; the right wins and left loses!

Let the conclusion of the matter be this: We sweep the House and Senate and November! …and the People say, AMEN!!!