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The New Fire -

A Kitty Hawk-class event (think back to the Wright brothers first flight):

This may have been missed by those ‘denizens of science’ who arbitrate all that is possible in said same world (the ‘world’ of science that is) –

A “Kitty Hawk” class (think now of the Wright brothers first flight) event took place Thursday, February 4th (and again on the 5th) to very little public fanfare. To wit, an offsite demonstration of Brilliant Light Power’s “SunCell” took place in the Homer Building in Washington DC. The device consumed on the order of 25 kW electrical and produced on the order of 100 kW thermal (based on prior known setup and calorimetry measurements.)

A public video released of a little over an hour and 20 minutes duration includes introduction and theory of operation and business plan given by Dr. Mills along with an appearance by Dr. Nansteel (calorimetry measurement expert and validator) with a Q and A session at the end.

o Off-site demonstration by Brilliant Light Power Feb 5th, 2021 of a 100 KiloWatt SunCell(tm) reactor.

Quick theory behind the device -

  o A talk by Brett Holverstott on the development of Mills theory

More detailed theory behind the device -

  o A lecture by Dr. Randell L. Mills at Fresno State on this technology.

Prof. Huub Bakker gives his assessment of the GUT-CP (the theory behind Dr Mills' SunCell device):

  o Huub Bakker lecture

Hint: advance to the 4:20 point to skip the introduction.

Related (but a different technology from the SunCell) - LENR

ICCF-21 - Mitchell Swartz - Personal Experiences During Many Years of LENR Experiments

ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas http://www.ercot.com/

Because so many people misuse the phrase "Faraday screen" (or shield), let's explore and examine some actual Faraday Shields.

An actual 'Faraday screen' or shield about 2/3rds of the way down this page:

Faraday Shield

Note: Effective for blocking the 'electric' field component and much, much less the magnetic.

Use of a Faraday Shield to prevent detuning of an oscillator coil:

Faraday Shield used to reduce detuning effects on oscillator coil