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I would fail many of the litmus tests of a Conservative, but I am in full agreement with many FR posters on at least a few matters:

* Our Constitution is being chipped away bit by bit. Search and Seizure, Not Compelled to Testify against oneself, and Privacy seem to be the high-profile targets.

* There is no such thing as a "Palistinian people", and there never was. I will always employ the "yeah right" usage of double-quotes when commenting on these displaced Arabs, e.g.: 'The "Palestinians" are evil.'

* We must support Israel in its fight against terrorism.

* Profile, deport, close the borders.

* Death to Political Correctness!

* The Nanny State is as much a danger to our freedom as anything.

* Free glossary:
"militant" = Islamic terrorist
"rebel" = Islamic terrorist
"activist" = Islamic terrorist
"extremist" = Islamic terrorist
"separatist" = Islamic terrorist

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