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"Apikoros: (singular) -- a sophisticated unbeliever who abandons Jewish faith to indulge in rationalistic speculation about the meaning of existence.”

"Apikorsim" (plural)


äpēˈkȯr əs Ah pee kor es
ah pee kor sum

Video on how to pronounce:

A comprehensive answer to the question “Why do American Jews vote Democrat?”

1. The question is, itself curious, and strange thing to focus upon. Jewish people make up 1.7% of the electorate, so if every Jewish person in the USA voted Republican, every Presidential election since Reagan would have been the same. Bush v. Gore would have been a non-issue, but that’s about it. Maybe some local Florida races. So it is a very odd thing to focus on, and the focus is a little creepy to us Jewish people and somewhat, itself, a turn-off to Jewish voters.

2. Most Jewish people in the USA are NE urban voters and over educated. They vote pretty much just like every other NE urban over educated group. So the issue is slightly overblown. I don’t see a lot of questions about Episcopalians. This again relates to #1, in that the focus is a little weird.

3. Many second-wave Jewish people came from Europe/Russia (post WWI) when the two political choices were Communist (who promised equal treatment to all — a lie, yes, but a seductive lie) and various kind of Nationalist (who promised to kill the Jews and meant it). So there is an irrational ethnic fondness for the lies of commies. Bernie Sanders falls into this camp. Note third-wave Jewish people (e.g., from the Soviet Union are majority Republicans — probably because they know the lie. (Most of the third-wave went to Israel — where they make up a solid conservative voting block — great for Israel, sucks for the USA.)

4. The Republican Party used to be the white shoe law firms, Lutherans, and country clubs. They didn´t like Jews much. (This the the running joke that was CaddyShack -— the Rodney Dangerfield character being what this crowd thinks about Jewish people.) Think James Baker “F—k the Jews, they don´t vote for us anyway.” There are echos of this idea any time these threads come up.

5. Going back to #3 a bit, Nationalism has historically been bad for Jews. Even now, we´re called “not really white” or “dual loyalty”. So Nationalism is logically viewed with skepticism. This is why the Democrats play up the occasional loon who shows up carrying a Tiki torch. They do legit stir a bit of fear in our hearts.

6. Yeah, we do identify with victims of discrimination. Something like 1/4 Jewish people in the USA experience a serious incident of irrational violence or discrimination based on being Jewish — far higher than any other group. (I have myself — although its almost always been at the hands of blacks or Muslims — one bitch white lady in Brandon, MS sticks out, but that’s it for me from white supremacists in real life.) Thus, we are often suckers for do-gooder programs.

7. And finally, there is evangelical Christianity, which I consider some of the finest, most earnest, people in the world.

And, no, contrary to what people say, Jews am not afraid of evangelicals’ conversion attempts. Annoyed, bored, maybe.

What there is going on are lies promulgated by Democrat groups that the only reason Christians like Israel is to somehow force the End of the World as We Know It by . . . something. For example, here:

A fair number of Democrat Jews will believe this lie due to preconceived notions of Protestants. “Of Jews and Their Lies” by Martin Luther is required reading.

Finally, there is hope. We Orthodox are growing much faster than the Reform. We have children; they have dogs.

We Orthodox vote Republican, more so than Southern Baptists.

If you don’t believe me, go read:

In particular, go to the forum (aka “Coffee Room”) and read the political posts. (Most of this is obscure discussions completely boring to Gentiles, so skip over that stuff. The political ones are obvious.)