Since Sep 27, 2005

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I am a retired army flight surgeon with a 40+ year history of serving in the US Navy and US Army. I began my service onboard the USS Renville (APA 227) in the fall of 1962 and was part of a Marine Battallion which would have participated in the invasion of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I clambered down debark nets into poppa boats (LCVP’s) ready to wade ashore in order to be a part of the invasion of Cuba which thankfully was not necessary. I finished my military career after 13 months in Iraq being part of a Blacknkhawk unit spending times on door guns in order to protect my unit in the summer of 2005. I returned 100% disabled from combat related problems but would do it all over again if possible. I logged over 220 combat hrs flying in a Blackhawk and I spent my 69th birthday flying over Baghdad