Jersey Republican Biker Chick
Since Sep 2, 2004

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I was born in 1970. Like most, I registered to vote when I was 18. I was so impressed with President Ronald Wilson Reagan that I obviously registered as a Republican. I have never left the party, even though I live in such a liberal state. I am sick of all the dirty democratic politics in N.J. I am hoping that others will see the light and make N.J. a Republican state. I will not hold my breath though.

About me:
Football Fan(Oakland Raiders)Image hosted by

NASCAR Fan(Rusty Wallace)(Now that Rusty is retired, I am hoping that Mark Martin wins a championship!)

NHRA Fan(John Force & Team, Team Bernstein, and of course Team Harley Davidson) There is just something so hot about 8,000 horsepower going down the dragstrip.

I also enjoy Boxing, UFC, and Wrestling.

I love animals. I have 2 dogs and an 8 foot red tail boa constrictor. My cat got very sick and old and had to be put down; I miss her a lot.

I was married at Daytona Bike week in 1998. I walked down an aisle of Harleys! It was a blast!!

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Jersey Republican Biker Chick

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