Since Sep 12, 2001

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I'm a Georgia peach, transplanted now in Missouri.

I served 20 years in the USAF, including a stint in the Middle East during the first Gulf War. Hubby is also a USAF veteran.

I support the Second Amendment - along with all the others. I guess that rules me out of ever working for the Obama Nation. Dang!

I love my God, my family and my country - in that order.

I enjoy Bible study, knitting, reading, gardening, photography, swimming, puppies, kitties, football (Go Colts!), poetry, music, soaking in the hot tub, chocolate, Merlot and Margaritas (in moderation).

Why is "Jen" my FReeper screen name? It could have something to do with the Chinese meaning of "jen" - which translates loosely to "humanity" or " or "common people." Or, perhaps with 121,000,000 Google results, I'm trying to make it difficult for Obama's goons to identify me. Or perhaps I'm a big fan of somebody named Jen. Or perhaps it's the name I wish my parents gave me. Or maybe it really is my name. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, I think it's a cool screen name.

Other than that... What do you want to know? And why?