Jefferson Spins
Since Jun 25, 1998

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I registered as “Jefferson Spins” back in June 1998 because I was incensed at the then-current attempt to simultaneously smear Thomas Jefferson—why, everybody knew he fathered several of Sally Hemmings’ children—and excuse/explain-away William Jefferson Clinton’s contemptible and criminal behavior as “everybody lies about sex”.

Though Thomas Jefferson refused to discuss the charges leveled by political journalist James T. Callender in 1802 (Mr. Jefferson’s policy was to offer no public response to personal attacks), and though modern DNA technology indicates that the descendants of Sally Hemmings are indeed related to Mr. Jefferson, my limited research into the matter leads me to conclude that Mr. Jefferson was the uncle or cousin, not the father.

But facts don’t matter to the Left. Only the Narrative does; and the consolodation of Power. Nevermind that the Leftist Narrative is no more than spin, and that the accumulated Power destroys more than it builds. Nevermind that Leftist arguments lack logic, or are even what I call “internally-consistent” (i.e. are not self-contradictory when subjected to rational examination). Facts, when they get in the way of the Left, be damned. And on that rare occasion when facts substantiate or can be deftly spun to weave the Left’s web of deceit? Then and only then are the facts trumpeted rather than dismissed.

But then, FReepers know this. I’m just preaching to the choir.