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"16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

John 3:16 (New King James Version) (NKJV)
Yes, this is a very, very, very, very commonly used verse--
why do you think that is? (rhetorical).
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This could figuratively burn some bridges, but here goes.....

If you've come here to dig up dirt because of some post (on a slew of topics) which made you oh-so-mad, then you've come to the right place. Do make use of the Table of Contents, made for your convenience.

Table of Contents.

Friend: Jedi Master Yoda.


  • The Bible is the written Word of God--and it alone should be used to determine Christian policy. Not traditions, edicts, additional texts (such as the Apocrypha and Book of Mormon), or other creatures made by human creatures.
  • Roman Catholicism is a sect of Christianity--but a rather corrupted one. Whether they recognize it or not, many Roman Catholics do pray to idols (their little statuettes), and worship saints (in the Roman Catholic sense) and Mary. There is ONE intermediary between God and Man--Christ. It is unnecessary to pray to some human creature as a middle man. God IS the figurative "middle man." Pray directly to God, and ask things in the name of Christ.
  • Graven images and images in general should not be made of God--this includes Christ. Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy have an issue with this.
  • A King James Version type of Bible should be used. The NIV approach can be done for every day translation from one language to another, but with the Bible it too risky. As direct a translation as can be made should be used.
  • Christians should be against abortion, homosexuality, and Macroevolution.
  • Macroevolutionists can be Christians--but that shouldn't be the case (see the Creationism section).
  • While Christians should oppose homosexuality, they should not insult or otherwise demean homosexuals. Homosexuality is bad. So is robbery, adultery, swearing, etc.
  • Those who have had an abortion willingly are complicit of murder. King David was also complicit of murder. God saves.
  • Mormons are not Christians. They have many admirable attributes, attributes they have in common with Christianity--but they are not Christians.
  • Neither do Mormons fully recognize God (the same with Jews).
  • Similarly, Jehovah's Witnesses do not fully recognize God, and hence Jehovah's Witness is not Christian.
  • God only decides who is or isn't Christian. It could theoretically be that some self-identified Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses (or Jews, Muslims, Taoists, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. while at it) are actually not Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish (in the modern sense), Muslim, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. and are Christians individually although their professed religion is not. They would still fully recognize God in God's entirety, though.
  • God has already given God's word in the Bible. Extra-Biblical revelations should be met with high suspicions.
  • Similarly, supernatural miracles--if they do exist in this current, post-Biblical, era, may not derive from God, but from [not good things].
  • No human creature, be they the Roman Catholic Bishop of Rome or the Mormon President, can today speak for God, outside of declaring what God orders in the Bible. That is, no human creature can make things up about what God has said.
  • Christians can and should engage others who are not Christian. Christians can have colleagues and friends who are atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, etc.
  • However, Christians are supposed to marry only another Christian. Non-Christians can marry a non-Christian.
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Rings and Moons Circling Uranus--no nasty comments, that's what NASA titled it.

  • Every Christian should be a Creationist.
  • Creationism is at least as defensible as Macroevolutionism from a scientific standpoint.
  • Macroevolution requires at least as much religion as Creationism.
  • The primary reason Macroevolution is so popular is because it is the dominant viewpoint of the origin of life presented to the populace, and not because it is grounded in good science or common sense.
  • Both Creationists and Macroevolutionists can be smart, competent scientists.
  • Creationists should know about at least the basic tenets of Macroevolution. You should know your opponent. Ignorance is rarely becoming.
  • Similarly, it would be good for Macroevolutionists to know about Creationism, and not receive all their information on Creationism secondhand from anti-Creationism-biased sources.
  • Macroevolution is an inherently racist doctrine, even if individual Macroevolutionists do not wish to be racist. If there were races which evolved, one race would be the smartest, one the strongest, etc. There are NO races of humanity. There is one human race, and it is imperative that all Christians, even those who insist on being Macroevolutionists, agree with this. Christ died to save Christ's family, the family of Man.
  • The origin of Man explains why Man needs a Savior. This is why Christians should be adamantly Creationist, and is also why atheists are just as adamantly anti-Creationist.
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Reflection Nebula NGC 1999

Expanding on the You-Are-Anti-Semitic-If idea, You are racist if you:

  • Consider nuclearly bombing and murdering some 1.3 billion Chinese--many of whom have no say in how their country is run--as a sufficient action to take to remove the PRC from power.
  • Are willing to insult accents of one people group (or what you consider accents) and yet are unwilling to insult another (i.e. willing to insult Asian accents but bristle when a European one, or even an American dialect, is mocked).
  • Think that racism can only be perpetrated towards those of European or Jewish descent, and racism by European descendants is a thing of the past.
  • Continue to consider Arab and Muslim as one and the same although you have been repeatedly informed to the contrary.
  • Consider people groups (races) so far apart that one is more intelligent than the others.
  • Consider Muslims (or Arabs) as animals. They're humans, misguided, but still human.
  • Consider all Mexicans to be animals (not even the illegal ones, but all of them).
  • Of course, are racist toward European-descendants or Jews (rude statements about the latter are--properly--promptly removed, and, as of yet, there seems to be no record of racism toward the former on this forum, especially unprovoked). There are numerous examples of racism toward the other members of the race, however, examples which were not removed although they should have been.
  • Consider the dismal economic state of Africa as a sign of genetic deficiency.
  • Think that the United States will decline solely because of its increasingly mixed ancestry (genes only, cruddy assimilation is another thing).
  • Think that racism or accusations of being racist are leveled only at your people group (race).
  • Think the above while unilaterally declaring another people group to be racist (which is also hypocrisy).
  • And....
    if you figure there are actually races (subspecies) of humanity. (This last one is for racism out of ignorance, not necessarily malignant racism, though it definitely could be that).
And more on racism:
  • To start off, a warning. While in many topics on FR tend to be roughly in the middle of the range of views (the median, not the average--definitely not the average), on the topic of racism appear to be solidly at the extreme end of the spectrum for freeperdom.
  • Personally find a lot of apparently European-descended freepers to be more than a little hypocritical when it comes to racist crimes, though this could be from personal bias (racist, too, as is every human creature). Too often, such apparent European descendants--guessing from freeperdom's demographics and the stances they take, though only a guess: after all, you could be guessing about ancestry, too--are quick to scoff when people from other people groups (races) sense racism. And yet, when their group is the target of racism, they seem to get overly hysterical, often jumping the gun in declaring things to be racist crimes when that is not clear. Furthermore, such a "team mentality" is not good. Such people frequently state that they shouldn't be blamed for the racism of other European descendants, and yet concurrently they blame an entire other people group for the racism displayed by a few of their members. Doesn't that seem hypocritical? (rhetorical).
  • After reading the above bullet, it should be noted that there are freepers of non-European (and Latino) descent who have displayed racism, too. However, again, given Free Republic's demographics, such people are much rarer (in terms of quantity) than European-descended-freeper racists. Thus, they (European-descended racists) are the primary group of racists on this forum to address.
  • And, of course, it goes without typing that not all European descended freepers--or non-European descended freepers--are any more racist than the societal norm.
  • Often it seems as though those who denounce immigrants from the so-called third world (developing or stagnant countries should be used instead) are many times the same ones who would support immigration from places such as Poland or Serbia in Eastern Europe, although those European countries are less developed than many other countries in the "third world." It is apparent that there is a racial, and racist aspect to the immigration debate.
  • A lot of people seem to be pretty ignorant (often willingly) about racism. Just take a lot of the "black" on "white" racism articles on Free Republic, and the reports that hate crimes occur to those of European descent moreso than any other people group. Up to this date, January 28, 2007, it seems that not one freeper has brought up what experiences the attacker had in his past to cause him to attack another man. The dominant opinion here seems to be that, in combination with being raised with the mantra "the white man will hold you down," that these attacks on those of European descent come out of the blue, that there is no backstory. In many of such cases, the victim is innocent, but is attacked merely because he belongs to the same people group as some jerks who at various times in the attacker's past insulted him. These insults add up. On one of the illegal alien/Mexican threads, a freeper (ostensibly of European descent) mentioned how he was once insulted (apparently with a racial slur) by a guy of Latino descent, and how he was soooo offended. Make that several times throughout a guy's life--as much as several times a year in some cases--and a lot of those in his formative years (birth to post-puberty), and then you might have a glimmer of an idea of what some Americans of non-European descent go through, usually at the hands of people of European descent. This does not make such hate crimes against those of European descent any less bad (even if the victim was racist, that is what the courts are for), but it does give some insight behind the attacks. They are generally NOT simply out of the blue.
  • Trying to strike a balance between addressing racist issues on FR without going overboard about it. With another freeper anecdote, there was a racism thread on FR and two freepers, one of African descent, the other of Latin American, went completely hysterical--so much so that they attacked a freeper of European descent who was supporting the nonracist view. That was obviously bad--and they didn't give any argument to help their case--so trying to not go that far. (It was sort of a "[they] don't need any European American's help" thing).

Threads having to do with Race (and with plenty of comments):
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The Cat's Eye Nebula

Enlarged United States of America
Canada and Mexico should be added into the American Union--the existing United States of America (to make that clear if all you read is the first sentence). The United States would stretch from the Arctic to the Tropics (contiguously). Mexico could take over a decade for full integration, but Canada can progress into states pretty fast. The former Canadians would get greater political influence globally. The former Mexicans would get a higher standard of living. Mexicans (particularly southerners) and Quebecois would have to take up English. Former (and still) Americans would get more resources. This is not a North American Union idea. It's the same country with more people and area. Such a decision should of course be made with the consent of all the countries, and their constituent populations. Such a United States would be the largest in area (surpassing Russia) and almost as populous as the European Union, with a higher birthrate. With the former Mexico, the economy could grow at a faster rate.

Mexico could be taken over by the United States. Mexicans are immigrating--legally and illegally--in such large numbers that they are not assimilating but have a self-sufficient culture. Largescale Mexican immigration does not seem about to abate any time soon. Therefore, rather than have the American culture slowly Mexicanize, the source, Mexico, should be cut off in one blow--by taking over the country. The United States would be suddenly faced with a much stronger threat to its cultural integrity in the short-term. However, with the former Mexico as American territories, the former Mexicans will be under more pressure to Americanize. If the United States is able to weather the initial wave of Mexicanization, the American culture can survive. Also, the border between Mexico and Belize and Guatemala is much smaller than the Mexican-American border, and can be more easily patrolled to stop not only aliens, but also drug smugglers and other unsavory sorts. Plus, extra land and resources and a young and growing population would be bonuses. (originally from the Illegal/Legal Immigration section).

While Europe seems to be on the decline, the People's Republic of China and India are growing in global power. With 1.3 billion and 1.1 billion people, respectively, they have more potential than a country with a--comparatively--paltry 300 million. India's potential against the United States is diminished by its smaller size, and less available arable land. A United States containing not only its current area, but the lands of what are now Canada and Mexico, would at least surpass that of China by a large amount (larger even than Russia--though if China takes over Russia....). Thus, at least the United States would have an advantage of land area and resources if not manpower. Yet even there, with the former Mexico, the American birthrate will be a little higher, probably past replacement level (it is currently just shy of the 2.1 replacement level), though still the birthrate would be much less than that of India. China--because of the murderous one-child policy--has a birthrate lower than that of the United States, but a MUCH larger base population. A more immense United States will help the country to continue to compete and keep its preeminent superpower status longer.

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Ring of Hot Blue Stars Pinwheels Around Yellow Nucleus of Hoag's Object Galaxy

Support in Neighboring Country Conflicts
  • India/Pakistan- neutral. Pakistan has crazy Muslim zealots who persecute Christians. India has crazy Hindu zealots who persecute Christians. Currently, Pakistan is more the enemy of the two, with its large population of hardline Muslims. However, India has the capability to become a far greater enemy than Pakistan.
  • Israel/Palestine- Israel. Since 1948, Israel has been far kinder to the Palestinians than they were obliged to, and the Palestinians--and Arab world in general--have repaid that kindness with consistent attacks and ostracization, including attacks on children. Israel should always be prepared for peace, but at the moment, it is readily apparent that the Palestinians and Arab world are not ready for peace. As such, Israel should remain on guard, and deserves the support of the United States. However, Israel should be considered as any ally: such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, and even South Korea and Germany. Near the end of the world, Israel is supposed to turn to Christianity. Until then, they deserve American support as much as the Koreans or Taiwanese (Europeans no longer need that much support), no more, and no less.
  • People's Republic of China/Japan- Japan. As Japan has a friendly representative government, that country should be supported over mainland China. However, they still have some more apologizing to do for its atrocities in the Second World War, which were every bit as bad as those of the Nazis. Furthermore, the PRC is becoming more and more Christian. If there comes a day when China is no longer Communist, and the percentage of Christians remains higher than Japan's (it already is), then support will probably go to China.
  • People's Republic of China/Republic of China- Republic of China. Taiwan, as a representative-government, allied country, should be supported over mainland China. However, same thing with Christianity as in the PRC/Japan bullet.
  • Russia/former-Iron-Curtain-countries-with-representative-governments- the latter. However, people from those countries should try to not hold a grudge against all Russians, many of who were born after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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Light Echoes From Red Supergiant Star V838 Monocerotis – October 2002

  • Effort should be made to remove all reasons for abortion.
  • Abortions should be completely banned, except in very rare cases when both people are probable to die (and even then, it should be up to the family. It could be analogous to if you're in a car on autopilot and you can't change your course and a guy in a similar car is heading straight at you. However, you also have a rocket propelled grenade and can blow the other guy away to save your life. Otherwise, you both will probably die. You would still be killing another human in manslaughter, but it would be somewhat understandable. Again, very rare cases. Abortion for practically any other thing is clearly bad.
  • Support adult (including umbilical cord) stem cell research; oppose embryonic stem cell research.
  • Unless all embryos made in an IVF procedure are used, some children are murdered.
  • Research should be made into birthing tanks. This could lead to the end of all abortions.
  • A supposed "right to choose" most definitely does not supersede a human's right to life--once God has given that privilege to that human.
  • As life is a gift from God--and God still is the owner of that life--euthanasia is also bad. Human creatures do not have the right to take any life that is not theirs--including "their" life (the life God gave them)--unless it is for reasons of self-defense.

    The only human who had the right to take a life for non-self-defense reasons was Christ. God had the right to take God's own life as a sacrifice to pay for the lives all human creatures. Just as God had the power to rise again so that all human creatures can rise again.

  • As for children with huge "defects:" God has a reason for everything which comes to pass--it isn't for human creatures to contest God's decisions why God chose for some people to have extreme autism, downs syndrome, physical deformities, etc. God chose to give those human creatures life, and their lives are equal in value to every other human creature.
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Supernova Remnant N 63A Menagerie

Illegal/Legal Immigration
  • As with the opinion of almost every freeper, efforts should be made to completely shut the border to illegal immigration.
  • The time for debating what to do with the illegal aliens already here is another issue for after the border is closed to alien immigration. Currently, idea is that those who are not criminals (and weren't in Mexico) and have been here for some time, can apply for guest worker status. All aliens with a criminal record either here or in Mexico (most probable since they are undocumented here) should be deported. Furthermore all those who would apply for worker status should pay something for their illegal entry.
  • Any anchor baby that was born in the United States is an American citizen. However, due to the logical comments made by some freepers, have changed stance on this topic, somewhat. Congress and the President should make a law declaring that children born in the United States to people other than Americans or immigrants in the process of naturalization are NOT American citizens based on the location in which they were born for those born after some future date in which the law comes into effect; hence, the law is not retroactive. That stated, safeguards should be put in place so that all legal immigrants are guaranteed the right to naturalization so long as they are not violent felons.
  • Legal immigrants should work harder to assimilate. This goes for all immigrants, including those from Western countries.
  • This one is not for immigrants, but it is often related: Most Americans agree with the preceding statement. However, many Americans and many freepers probably do not realize that American citizens should also work harder to assimilate immigrants. This entails pressuring the use of English in practically every situation except emergencies, and the adoption of American culture. It also entails RECOGNITION THAT AMERICANS CAN BE OF DESCENT OTHER THAN EUROPEAN OR AFRICAN. This is one that many seem willing to acknowledge but not recognize in practice. Asking a person without an accent what country they are from (or even more politically correct questions as What is your ethnicity?) simply because they are not a European or African descendant is extremely offensive. And it is not only those of European or African descent who are at fault of this. Some of the most racist people in this respect are Asian and Latin American descendants/immigrants who ask such questions to other Americans of Asian or Latino descent. This issue is even more offensive when the same racist would not ask an American of European or African descent what their ethnicity is, and simply view them as American (every American is American).
  • Immigration should not be too heavily from any one country, and there does seem to be a correlation between distance and assimilation. Mexico is a neighboring country, and yet many immigrants and Americans of Mexican descent are not as assimilated as recent immigrants from the eastern hemisphere.
  • Murdering illegal aliens is not a valid solution to illegal immigration.
  • Making racist comments about illegal aliens (especially if they happen to be Latino) does little to solve anything, and simply helps to make reasonable people who oppose illegal immigration look bad.
  • Mexico could be taken over by the United States. Mexicans are immigrating--legally and illegally--in such large numbers that they are not assimilating but have a self-sufficient culture. Largescale Mexican immigration does not seem about to abate any time soon. Therefore, rather than have the American culture slowly Mexicanize, the source, Mexico, should be cut off in one blow--by taking over the country. The United States would be suddenly faced with a much stronger threat to its cultural integrity in the short-term. However, with the former Mexico as American territories, the former Mexicans will be under more pressure to Americanize. If the United States is able to weather the initial wave of Mexicanization, the American culture can survive. Also, the border between Mexico and Belize and Guatamala is much smaller than the Mexican-American border, and can be more easily patrolled to stop not only aliens, but also drug smugglers and other unsavory sorts. Plus, extra land and resources and a young and growing population would be bonuses.
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Spitzer and Hubble Create Colorful Masterpiece

  • Islam is definitely a threat to all non-Islamic people in the world--and to Muslims themselves. This includes the United States.
  • Although Islam is a threat, not every Muslim (self-identified, or, in the case of the ignorant American who will state all Arabs are Muslims, etc.) is.
  • Islam should be done away with, and they should become Christian. The same goes without typing for all non-Christians, be they Muslim, Jewish, atheist, Hindu, etc.
  • Barring that, Muslims should be pressured to reform their religion so that it is no longer a threat to the rest of the world. It would no longer be Islam, but don't tell them that and it could work.
  • American Muslims should be more overt in their standing against alqaeda and islamofascists. That stated, their responsibility to do so is only slightly moreso than the responsibility that a people group (European-descended, for example) has to overtly oppose racist organizations who do bad things in the name of their people group (race). The same goes for other people groups, but you already knew that.
  • Radical imams in the United States should be either deported or imprisoned.
  • The Muslim world did make a contribution to science in the past, and they helped preserve the knowledge of the failing Roman Empire. Bad people can still make contributions to science. Without the Nazis (those other fascists), missile technology would not be as advanced, as could be the case with current space development. The Communist Soviet Union made contributions, too. Also, imperial, slave-owning, ancient China. The Maya, who engaged in human sacrifice, had one of the most advanced calendars in the world, much more advanced than the Julian calendar of the Conquistadors. Then there are the racists, the atheists, and so on, who also have given to science. Et cetera, et cetera. Give credit when and where credit is due.
  • Allah is not God, and Mohammed was not a prophet.
  • A lot of freepers make statements about what the Koran states. Until personally read the Koran--something that is currently improbable--will try to base ideas about Muslims based on their actions, not potentially made up things that freepers heard/read second-hand. The occasional freeper who actually posts the Koranic verses he is referring to gets more credence.
  • The nominee for American representative to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad, seems to be a loyal naturalized American, one who is nominally Muslim. Furthermore, many American Muslims protect the United States every day by serving in the American Armed Forces; many Mexicans and immigrants from "third world" countries do, too. Something for you to consider.
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Earthlike Planet:
Artist's concept of an Earthlike planet around another star.

BRIC Countries + the EU
  • Brazil, if it ever will be a superpower, probably won't be a superpower for a long, long time. As with much of Latin America, they are too incompetent.
  • Brazil is strong in agriculture.... and soccer. More is needed to become a superpower.
  • Brazil has the largest economy and population in its region (South America, and even Latin America). However, it is questionable whether it is the dominant power. The United States is the traditional regional superpower for both American continents.

  • Russia has the largest land area.
  • Russia has a birthrate which is currently below replacement level.
  • Russians have a low earthly life expectancy.
  • Russia does have large oil and natural gas reserves.
  • Russia still has much of its military infrastructure intact, along with advanced military technology.
  • Russia has various separatist regions, notably Chechnya. Struggling with internal affairs makes it more difficult to project externally.
  • Russia is bordered by the still growing and increasingly powerful PRC.
  • Russia is the dominant power in Central Asia.

  • India has the second largest population. It's population is also young, and is predicted to overtake the PRC population.
  • India is the dominant power in its region (South Asia).
  • India has a smaller land area than the other BRIC countries, and some of that land is desert. The population is too concentrated into easily bombed regions.
  • India has Maoists and islamofascists and border disputes with Pakistan and China over Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.
  • India is currently much less developed than the PRC, even if India's representative government will help India become a superpower in the future, as some have posited.

  • The PRC has the largest population.
  • The PRC is around the same size as the United States.
  • China has a traditional leading role in the region (Greater East Asia).
  • Currently, the PRC economy and military are growing at a very fast rate.
  • The PRC is facing increasing unrest caused by:
    • religious persecution.
    • economic inequality.
    • freer economy than politics.
  • The PRC's population is aging.

  • The EU is small and old.
  • The EU is not a country. If it became the United States of Europe, then it can be a superpower, but not in its current state.
  • The EU has developed economies.
  • With moderate exceptions in Eastern Europe, in general, the EU is stagnant.
  • Many EU members had a (albeit brief) historic role as global powers.
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The Stingray Nebula: The Youngest Known Planetary Nebula (Hen-1357)

Space Colonization
  • Sort of a debatable topic, personally. Colonizing and terraforming exoplanets would be interesting. However, this could conflict with all human creatures being on Earth at the end. It is theoretical that any extraterrestrial human creatures could come back (or come for non-terrestrial-natives) to Earth at the end.
  • More research should be conducted into the feasibility of a hyperdrive. If such a device could be made, then people could travel very fast (faster than c) without time dilation. Many exoplanets would be in reach.
  • The United States should go for space colonization by the United States, rather than make it an international, global affair.
  • New planets could become states when they get enough people, and can break down further into states.
  • Or there could be a looser connection to the main country, depending on how fast hyperspace travel and communication is.
  • There would not be indigenous extraterrestrial carbon-based life, so there would be terraformation.
  • A link to formulas for determining gravitation from radii and mass: here. From this picture, the freepers' physics could be flawed. The link is also to a thread about what could be the first habitable exoplanet discovered by human creatures. The gravitational force of the planet could be about 1.6 times that of Earth's.
  • A BBC article about the planet mentioned above, which is currently named Gliese 581 c. The planet's temperature range is supposed to be from around 34 to 124 degrees Fahrenheit, or from around 0 to 40 degrees Celcius. It's year is about 13 Earth days long, and its mass is about 5 times that of Earth's.
  • Here's a formula, apparent the one the freepers' used to get 2.22 times Earth's gravity for Gliese 581 c, rather than the NASA/ESO stated 1.6 times, so skeptical--somewhat, ESO and NASA could have had more accurate numbers:

  • Because potential new colony planets would have to be terraformed rather than planets with physical life other than Earth already existing, more information about ecology is needed.
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A Dying Star Shrouded by a Blanket of Hailstones Forms the Bug Nebula (NGC 6302)

Free Republic and Freepers
  • Freeperdom seems to be among the kinder forums on the internet, For an example, a HUGE number of freepers offered their advice and input when it was discovered that the page looked ugly on Internet Explorer (and apparently Opera).
  • While somewhat sympathetic to oldtimer freepers (they are, after all, oldtimers), some of them display the very [bad] qualities of which they accuse newcomers. There seem to have been extremists from around the start of the forum. And rudeness can come from both extremists and moderates.
  • At least several oldtimer freepers are extremely rude jerks, though, of course, not all, or even most, of them.
  • A lot of oldtimer freepers have a "in [their] day...." attitude. From what has been seen on Free Republic, oldtimer freepers can be every bit as bad as newcomers.
  • Advice to such oldtimers: stop being so jaded and hypocritical. If you disagree, then respond and post a comment (a polite comment).
  • Also to such oldtimers: shut up with your condescending, aloof attitudes toward newcomers.
  • Get angry even when other freepers, or people in general, get unfairly maligned when they are not pinged or not there to defend themselves. This extends to Muslims, illegal aliens, and even racists. People could oppose them, but oppose them in a legitimate and fair manner.
  • It is extremely rude to insult another freeper without pinging that freeper
  • As stated, many freepers are very helpful, or are at least willing to help.
  • For a large part, there is a fair amount of cordiality on Free Republic.
  • The forum is relatively easy to use, though if freepers could have picture to accompany their posts, that could be interesting.
  • Note that the generally angry attitude in this section came after an encounter with several rude freepers, apparently oldtimer jerks. More kind examples will probably come.
  • Yes. Jerks can come after 1998. The rude freepers seem on a roll, recently.
  • Some freepers answered questions ranging from such diverse topics as putting popup titles for pictures to their opinions on the consumption of blood and Christianity.
  • Back to freepers' help and input with organizing FRhomepage on Internet Explorer (and Safari and Opera): the amount of help/input was so much and so fast that the page got organized within a day. In contrast, Wookieepedia and definitely myspace pages are almost trash (myspace is used in case something gets published: for advertising; myspace is an Earthling hive of scum and villany), though this could also be because they use CSS or a special markup language (CSS skills cruddy).
  • The above bullet was also because Free Republic itself runs so fast, especially compared to myspace, which freezes up almost as much as it works. Many edits can be made, fast.
  • Can see now why at least one freeper has a list of other freepers who he does not type to. Could be considering the same for FRhomepage.
  • Yep. Percentage-wise, there are about as many nutcase oldtimer freepers as newcomer freepers, so for some oldtimers (you know who you are), stop acting as though Free Republic is in decline because of crazy, new freepers. Look at the beam in your own eye before pointing out the mote in newcomers' eyes.
  • Not all oldtimers are mean jerks. Many give their polite opinions, suggestions, and comments. They have a dextrous (akin to vocal; if you are aware of a more accurate term, freepmail) minority who makes them look bad.
  • A fair amount of freepers do seem to view the world in black and white. And to not be cliche-y, but many, many aspects of the secular (not relating to Christianity) world are "shades of gray." That's just the way things are in this fallen world.
  • Many freepers have very kindly given their opinions on the verses in Acts 15:20. Many make a lot of sense, chiefly that it is referring to idol worship, and that the remnants of blood on meat can still be eaten. Still, find it difficult to once again eat beef, pork, chicken, etc. Personally go so far as to wash things which could have touched things which could have a few blood cells. Shellac--which also goes by pharmaceutical glaze and confectioner's glaze is particularly offensive as it is used to wax some fruits and vegetables. As though being a de facto vegetarian on religious (not just ethical grounds--MUCH more picky) grounds wasn't hard enough. So going to keep the question in the tagline indefinitely, to get more and more opinions, and until some decision is made. P.S. Most of the opinions are in agreement. If only Paul was explicitly clear when he stated to hold back, abstain, from blood that it was for a large amount and part of the idolatry. Also find it difficult because the blood is the life, and life is God's, so even though the New Testament happened, does teensy bits of blood on steaks, and other whole meats (and probably there is more blood in ground beef, sausage, etc.) count as life? Yes, this is rambling.
  • Seem to personally have quite the "anti-fan" base. Suspect this is from freepers who slink on forums without posting, and strongly disagree with personal views. Then when on a thread in which they do post, they come out not only with a disagreement (entirely acceptable) but also a diatribe with some insult. This suspicion comes from how other freepers can post extremely similar posts to the ones which personally post, and yet these "diatribing" freepers "oddly" ignore or don't insult them, although they have a similitude of the post personally made. It does seem to be targeting. Instead of being cowardly, on the first post you see with which you don't agree, just send a polite disagreeing response. Don't let your anger build up so that you unsuspectingly blow up and out of proportion to the specific post.

Blacklist (if you see this, this isn't so much for you, but to keep a record of people who seem to harbor antipathy):

Vn_survivor_67-68; VaBthang4; zarf; RDTF; don-o; olderwiser;
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The Helix Nebula: a Gaseous Envelope Expelled By a Dying Star

Gun Rights
The average American citizen should be able to legally buy almost all conventional weapons. It is up to the citizenry to challenge the American Armed Forces, should that organization or the government turn against the people. Currently, the citizenry is hardly capable of taking on the military, though--also currently--most of the Armed Forces would not engage in action to subjugate the country. However, in a poll, around a quarter of soldiers did agree that they would attack the country if ordered to do so. As with the government, military power should be checked--and should be able to be checked--by the people, and the military, as with the government, should be as weak as it can be while still serving its function. Given the rampant anti-Americanism around the globe, the American military should be pretty strong. Therefore, the people should be that much stronger.

While there should be criminal background checks, Hitler used gun ownership registration to target those who owned guns, and who could have challenged his rule and that of the Third Reich. Thus, strong background checks, but potentially no gun registration.

Obviously, an average citizen should not have a nuclear bomb or other weapon of mass destruction at his disposal. Yet, he should be able to procure a jet fighter or even militaristic vehicles and ships. Again, background checks are paramount.

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Cone Nebula (NGC 2264): Star-Forming Pillar of Gas and Dust

States' Rights
The American states should have more sovereignty. Especially those states with over ten million citizens, and which are largely as self-sufficient as most countries today. In this respect, the United States should become more similar to the EU (don't go crazy, if you're a North American Union conspiracy theorist--this has to do with state sovereignty; read on). On global and international maps, the American states should all be defined and considered sovereign states on the international level. There should continue to be what is in effect a mutual defense pact between the states, similar in scope to NATO or ANZUS. However, individual states should be able to conduct foreign affairs (the main reason why American states are not considered fully sovereign), including declaring war: against non-American states. Hopefully, no state would be stupid enough to declare way against a major power--type, the PRC--without getting joint consensus from the Union first. That is to type, for major powers, a declaration of war should be the consensus of all the states (though not necessarily a unanimous consensus).

As for trade, even the states of the EU do not engage all that much individually in international trade negotiations. International trade agreements are largely conducted at the EU-wide level. However, support some ability for American states to conduct independent trade with non-United States states.

Senators to the federal government should once again be appointed by the state legislatures. The federal government took immense power during and following the War Between the States (the American 'Civil War'--it wasn't much of a civil war, any more than the American Revolution was a civil war) and the crash of the stock market and FDR's attempts to bring back the strength of the American economy. The federal government's power should be greatly weakened from its current state.

And the United States should be referred to in plural (i.e. the United States are, as opposed to the United States is), although today this seems odd. Furthermore, when abroad, Americans, when asked their country of origin, should start off with stating their citizenship to a state (i.e. Californian) and then revert to American if the questioner looks confused.

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Chandra/Hubble/Spitzer X-ray/Visible/Infrared Image of M82

Roman Catholic cathedral in Dakar, Senegal.
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John 3:16 (New King James Version): "16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."
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Nucleus of Galaxy Centaurus A

  • As you could have noticed--if you are very observant or a stalker--some of the grammar, diction, or syntax is a bit off or odd. People can have quirks. It is not a sign of foreignness to the (American) English language. It is native language. Furthermore, this could be a reason for you not getting a response to a post or freepmail, although--of course--there could be other reasons for that. If that is the case, then that could be rude--it is rude--but that's how it goes. Furthermore, the odd grammar could cause misinterpretation. So there's a little explanation. Also, other odd behavior could be related to this.
  • American native, and therefore, American citizen. A surprising number of people question this. Probably this largely has to do with the above bullet, but questioners/accusers have made their comments for reasons ranging from not being overly critical of illegal aliens (such as kill them all) and unwillingness to find fault with Pakistan over everything.
  • There are many typos; sorry about that.
  • Some people find the typing style arrogant or stuck-up. This was unintended, but you must realize that people have various typing styles. It is very difficult to get things across exactly as they should be, with every nuance.
  • A Master part of a username is based on Jedi Master Yoda; don't read into it and see it as a sign of arrogance.
  • You could be asked questions. Unless they are stated to be rhetorical, they are probably actual questions, so if you know the answer, could you ping?
  • Mormons are not Christian, although they have many admirable values.
  • Neither Pakistan nor India are supported in their long feud. Don't take an unwillingness to slam Pakistan for everything as support for that country, and similarly, don't take criticism of India as opposition to that country, in turn.
  • The Second Amendment (to the United States' Constitution) should not be infringed. However, the amount of weaponry available to the average citizen should not go all the way up to nuclear weapons (but almost all the way, basically conventional weapons).
  • Nuclear weapons technology should be restricted as much as it can be, even from friends, and especially from rivals or enemies.
  • The Wookieepedia version of this webpage (basically copied this code, and then altered it to fit into their special formatting--also removing references to Free Republic) created a huge firestorm by the Wookieepedians (it was put on the userpage, yet some of them were so zealous that they were pushing for an account ban). Wookieepedia is useful for Star Wars stuff, but a huge amount of the Wookieepedians are liberal jerks who can't tolerate anything contrary to their views, and will try to stifle such views when confronted with them. In contrast, the Star Wars fans on Free Republic seem more or less sane.
  • Several freepers have questioned the most recent tagline--referring to non-news sources--with varying degrees of hostility. Most are simply questioning why some sources are on the list, though. Sorry if you consider one or all of those sources to be credible news, you are entitled to your opinion. In any case, the tagline is bound to change eventually.

This is not for other readers: list: 1. thinking by bed. around Easter 2004. On a day whose next day was a free day. 2. thinking backyard while typing in Spanish. 3. Speaking in downstairs room. 4. Speaking in upstairs, addition hallway at computer. wall.

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Composite Image of Galaxy Cluster MS 0735

Random Questions
  • What constitutes blood in Acts 15:20 for Christians abstaining from blood? Can Christians eat meat with trace amounts of blood in/on it (as would probably be the case with every single piece of meat under normal circumstance)? If you are up to it, would you explain nashur(?) or how blood is removed from meat to make it kosher? Christians are also not supposed to eat blood, and yet many European (and therefore nominally Christian) countries have a tradition of eating blood sausage. Then there is the fact that it would be extremely, extremely difficult to remove every last trace of blood. On top of that, foods such as ribs which have exposed bone marrow (where red blood cells are made) probably hold traces of blood. Considering for Passover fresh meat that is not washed in water is used, it probably has some blood on/in it. If any Christian freepers are willing to explain the verses in Acts about abstaining from blood, that would be helpful, too. While going out on a limb, if you happen to know the burning point of red blood cells (so that they carbonize) and other foods, that also would be helpful. And what constitutes blood? Only closed circulatory systems or closed and open? Locusts seem to be kosher (open), but they probably are not bled. However, that is the only example. For Christians, what about shellfish? Although they don't have red blood cells, their interstitial fluid transports oxygen, removes stuff, etc. And is it only for iron-based bloods, or iron and copper based? Colored eggs (brown) are made using a pigment made from the breakdown of hemoglobin (haemoglobin).

    Here's some articles so you can sort of get an idea of how much potential blood exposure there is in food:

  • What are the burning points (autoignition points?) for:
    • chocolate
    • cocoa (cacao) (the bean and the white pulp from which chocolate is made)
    • red blood cells
    • cinnamon
    • nutmeg
    • cloves
    • bay leaf
  • Is there a reputable, free website for uploading Word documents onto the internet (privately, so others can't see)?
  • What are brain auras? Are they linked to dementia in all cases? Could occasionally see "stars" (similar to going into hyperspace in Star Wars movies, but with many less stars) often when too hot, turn head too fast, or sometimes seemingly randomly.
  • What is the relationship between mass and gravitation, i.e. if a planet has twice the mass of the Earth, what is its gravitation?
  • What is the proper way to hold chopsticks (this is particularly for Asian freepers; holding chopsticks is similar to holding a fork and knife in that there is a proper way to hold them, not as long as it functions you can use them that way)? It seems to be two fingers on top, but rather than the ring finger on bottom, currently sort of prop ring finger on the side of bottom chopstick rather than below it. Most pictures have the ring finger below the bottom chopstick, but when this is tried, the chopstick could slip. Is holding it high up considered snooty or cultured?
  • How much cocoa and cinnamon have to be ingested for their effects to take effect?
  • Is it legal to burn DVDs from bought video movies?
  • Wednesday, May 23, 2007: A computer has gotten a blue screen and won't work. It has Windows 2000 Professional, and broke down after installing a Windows patch and Windows .NET service pack 1 (and avast) and undergoing a CHKDSK upon restarting (the CHKDSK changed some things which is why it--or the service pack--is suspected of being the culprit). Two threads posted requesting help:
  • thread 1.
  • thread 2.
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 NASA Picture of the Day-November 30, 2006.   The Pelican Nebula. More info at:

Work Progress, Etc.
  • If the page looks disarrayed, could you FReepmail? It shouldn't look all that bad, but if you have a large monitor screen, the tables could shift to the right. There seems to be no align=center function.
  • If you know how to position tables within a table, either specifically by pixels or simple right, left, middle, etc., can you FReepmail?
  • The page should be organized on at least Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
  • FReepmail if you find part of the Racism section offensive or controversial. It isn't an attempt to alienate those who are not particularly racist, but the endemic racism on Free Republic should be confronted.
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Kepler's Supernova Remnant In Visible, X-Ray and Infrared Light

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