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I am a staff sergeant in the Air Force. I've been in for 8 years now. I will be in for 11 in January. I am 31. I have recently began to be politically active. I was in Kuwait when 9/11 happened. I became addicted to FOX news at that time. I only became interested in politics recently after a friend of mine shared his views. The 04 election really got me motivated and interested. I have considered myself independent....this site solidified my identification with as a Conservative. I knew my views, but through this site came to the realization and awareness that they were shared by the Conservative side of politics. Of course I had more liberal views when I was younger...but I look at those as dreams.

Prayer for the Youth

I hate the ACLU with a passion. I have a Ping list For anything ACLU related. Many here believe that the ACLU has a communist agenda and tramples the rights of religious freedom. If you'd like to join my ping list just let me know.

I'm also very active in the fight against the ACLU. I discuss ideas to stop the ACLU in an online community at:Stop The ACLU. I have also created my own Anti-ACLU blog.

You can visit it: Here

You can join the fight against the ACLU and their ilk by becoming involved with and supporting the following organizations:

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) - http://www.alliancedefensefund.org

Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) - http://www.thomasmore.org

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) - http://www.aclj.org

The Rutherford Institute - http://www.rutherford.org/

Stop the ACLU Coalition (GREATLY ORGANIZED ACTIVIST SITE..PLEASE JOIN) - http://www.stoptheaclu.org

Here are a few examples of how two of those organizations are fighting back:

ADF Contacts Over 3,600 School Districts Over Attempts To Censor Christmas

ADF: 700 lawyers ready to fight ACLU lawsuits

ADF: Pentagons' Warning About Boyscouts Is Absurd

Thomas More Law Center: Town of Palm Beach Pays $50,000 In Attorney Fees Apologizes To Women In Nativity Lawsuit

Additional information:

The ACLU must be destroyed: Joseph Farah supports Boy Scouts, urges Americans to fight back

Citizens mobilized to stop ACLU (seeks to consign group to 'ash heap of history')

ACLU fulfilling communist agenda

Revealing FACTS on the ACLU from its own writings

See how YOUR Senator or Representative ranks with the ACLU

This yahoo group just started on December 3, 2004 and is looking for new members

Anti-ACLU Page

The Center For Reclaiming America (petitions to congress)

The Becket Fund

Christian Legal Society

Pacific Justice Institute

Landmark Legal Foundation

American Family Assn. Center for Law and Policy

The Liberty Council


ACLU (Know Thine Enemy)

"I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produced the wealth: communism is the goal." - Roger Baldwin, ACLU founder, Harvard Reunion Book, 1935

"The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and also, the whole body to forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers and so on." - William Z. Foster, ACLU co-founder and former chairman, Communist Party USA.

Let me know if you would like to join my ACLU ping list