Since Mar 18, 2005

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Ignorance is the enemy of mankind. We all have a problem of ignorance, but some have much more than they should. Knowledge is good but without well rounded knowledge it is easy to make stupid mistakes. While a master of a trade is perhaps a good thing and a Jack of all trades may not sound as good, it is better to be a Jack of all trades and a master of one or more.

A hundred years ago students were taught reading, writing and arithmetic. They were also taught History and Geography. With this kind of educations they could decipher what was going on in their world. Today they are taught that the three R’s are less important than knowing which sex you really want to be and how to get the most sexual pleasure. Today, educated people can’t make sense out of much of what they see and hear in the world so the world goes down hill.

Stamp out ignorance, read a book.