Since Oct 27, 1999

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I'm a retired aerospace worker, having spent 21 years at Vandenberg Air Force Base, retired in 2005. My screen name comes from my fellow inspectors (all male). I obviously did not take offense, rather enjoyed, most of the time, the distinction.

Hubby (Mr. Inspectorette) and I relocated to a small town on the beautiful Oregon Coast in 2005. Retirement is wonderful - don't know how we had the time to work! I do volunteer work at the local hospital and enjoy it tremendously. I've been at Free Republic since September, 1999, and this site is on the Top Ten list (or close to it) of the great things about my life. (I guess I've led a boring life ;-)

But seriously, folks, FR is like a wonderful extended family. We have our crazy aunts (hmmm - maybe I'm one of 'em) and eccentric uncles. We laugh together, get disgusted together, squabble, and sometimes, sadly, weep together. There's no other place to be when BIG NEWS is happening. FR is way ahead of all the alphabet networks - whether it's an earthquake in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a major traffic incident on the Beltway, a car chase on SoCal freeways, or whatever!