Since Feb 14, 2001

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'Perception' gene tracked humanity's evolution, scientists say

(2001) Egyptian government official destroys a newly built Coptic Church hours after first prayer

a little Photo-Shop competition...?

Ancient Curse, Modern War Hide Arabian Desert Tombs

Archaeologists Unearth a War Zone 5,500 Years Old

Axum's ancient treasure

Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21

Blonde jokes? Not this season

Bones reveal first shoe-wearers

CA: Spending Havoc

Catastrophic Flooding From Ancient Lake May Have Triggered Cold Period

Cells That Read Minds - Mirror Cells

Cold Sugar in Space Provides Clue to the Molecular Origin of Life

Coming to terms with Intelligence and DHS Reform

DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy

DFU INAUGURAL REPORT: 1)Swearing in, 2)protestors, 3)almost killed by FReeper at the Ball

Dig unearths evidence of Neolithic partying

Digging Deep for Proof of an Ancient Jewish Capital

Discovery of Constant, Sun Spot Induced, Harmless 1500 Years Global Warming Cycles

Documentary Sets New Date For Exodus

Fossil of "Sphinx" discovered in NE China

FR Folding@Home Project Update -- We're Now # 55 of all teams with 20,000,000 Points


French Archaeologists Says Ur Tomb Artifacts Came From Burnt City

Geometry may be hard-wired into brain, study shows


Global Warming and Global Cooling are as Old as the Black Plague

Greek treasures unearthed (Minoans, Linear A, Linear B)

Humans vs. Neanderthals: Game Over Earlier

Iraq: Setting the Record Straight (Definitive 108 page Report; BOOKMARK)

Is Intelligent Design a Bad Scientific Theory or a Non-Scientific Theory?

Kenya: Maasais, Canaanites And The Inca

Kenya: Maasais, Canaanites And The Inca

Life 2.0 (Science plays God)

Los Angeles Population Plummets 14% in Three Days

Major Climate Change Occurred 5,200 Years Ago: Evidence Suggests That History Could Repeat Itself

Moses' Comet

Myth of the Lost Ark fuels pride of a nation on brink of war (Lost Ark in Axum?)

New Mexico's Mystery Stone

NIST Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum 'Cat' State

Of Human History: The Evolution of Conservatives and Liberals

Potential Origins of Europeans Found

Rosetta Stone

Scientists 'see new species born'

Shrine To Hercules Unearthed

Sorenson compiling huge DNA database

Stanford Scientists' Discovery of Hormone Offers Hope For Obesity Drug

Surgeons have the technology to make bionic man a reality

Tarantulas produce silk from their feet

Team Unearths Statue of Egypt's Queen Ti

The tombs of Ur reveal treasures

Theban Mapping Project (Valley of the Kings etc)

Theban Mapping Project (Valley of the Kings etc)

Top 10 Junk Science Moments of 2006

Ultra-sensitive microscope reveals DNA processes