Since Oct 18, 2000

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George Orwell was an odd sod, but he showed amazing foresight in much of his writing. His most visionary work, in my opinion, was "1984". Citizens were watched by video camera 24 hours a day. They were told who they could see, what they could do, what they could say. History was re-written to suit the powers that be. Hate-speak and Thought Crime were words or thoughts other than those allowed by the authorities and those found guilty were sent to Room 101 for re-programming.

I worry that, while we're not yet at his level of doom, each year we become less free (I can't remember the last time a government anywhere actually voted to reduce their impact on our lives or the amount of regulation we have to deal with). Each year our freedoms are being squeezed, people more and more look to blame others for their problems and our so-called "free press" have, by and large, become homogenised and dogmatic in their views and believe they have a duty to spin, rather than report the news.

I disagree with Democrat policy because they are all for ever larger and more intrusive government. I despise the Clintons, because they brought shame and corruption into the White House in a way no-one ever has before.

Oh, yeah, and I'm a smoker and proud of it!