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My homepage is www.regimeofterror.com About Regime of Terror -

The goal of “Regime of Terror” is to provide a comprehensive and analytical historical resource focusing on a number of issues relating to terrorism and Saddam Hussein’s regime. These issues will include analyzing examples of state sponsorship of terrorism, examples of possible collaboration with various terrorist groups, examples of possible infiltration of various terrorists groups by Hussein's regime and the possible infiltration of Hussein's regime by radical jihadists and affiliates of various terrorist groups.

This site's target audience is media members, think tanks, military and intelligence officials, elected officials and interested/concerned citizens from both America and abroad.

The terrorism discussed on this site will include examples of the former regime’s possible cooperation with and sponsorship of various terrorist groups and the former regime's use of its military and security apparatus for terrorism both domestically and abroad.

“Regime of Terror” uses primarily open source intelligence (OSINT), including a small library of books on al Qaeda, Iraq and the Global War on Terror, domestic and foreign press reports, interviews, government documents and original testimony of known terrorists and Baath party members.

The continuing court trial of Saddam Hussein and members of his regime, the results of the Central Criminal Court of Iraq trials of captured terrorists and Baath party members, released interrogation logs of Baath party officials and Iraqi terrorists and release of al Qaeda documents from both Iraq and Afghanistan and Baathist documents from Iraq are expected to assist in documenting Saddam Hussein’s atrocities, terrorism and possible relationship with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

- About the Author -
Mark Eichenlaub is a freelance journalist and graduate of Eastern Illinois University, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Pre-Law. He is currently furthering his education as a secondary History teacher.

Mark began posting at both his own blog and Securitywatchtower.com in March 2006. Mark’s work has been published in American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, The Star and cited by Investor’s Business Daily, 1450 AM in New Jersey, and a number of sources throughout the blogosphere.

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