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Some of my more lengthy FreeRepublic posts, gathered here mainly so I can find them again when I want to refer back to some of my prior research, and also as a resource for fans of my work -- both of you.
Discussion of the theory of cosmic ray bursts causing global cooling and mass extinctions

Why the star Eta Carinae may someday fry the Earth

Rebuttal to yet another flawed creationist probability calculation (and reflections on Behe's "Irreducible Complexity)

Rebuttal to RaceBannon's scattershot anti-evolution essay, part 1

Rebuttal to RaceBannon's scattershot anti-evolution essay, part 2

Discussion of the evolution of the Krebs metabolic cycle

Support for the assertion that biologists overwhelmingly accept evolution

Information on the biochemical evolution of the blood-clotting mechanism

Rebuttal to the assertion that www.biblebelievers.com is a good place to find "fact filled literature" (side trips into animal homosexuality, the Earth's magnetic field, and the geological column)

Evolution of the woodpecker's tongue, and the mammalian eye

Refutation of the lie that Reagan blocked sanctions on Iraq when Saddam gassed the Kurds

Rebuttal to overblown claims of the antiseptic benefits of ozone (and the claim that such use is outlawed in the US)

Rebuttal to the assertion that the stability of some species is contrary to Darwinian predictions

A detailed list of 50+ transitional fossils marking the evolutionary path between fish and elephants

Corrections to a (plagiarized!) scattershot creationist attack on the Urey-Miller experiment, and a digression into right-handed proteins

Another response to yet another (also plagiarized) "refutation" of the Urey-Miller experiment, and reference to more modern abiogenesis research

Rebuttal to some of the more wild/incorrect JFK conspiracy claims

Three papers on current abiogenesis research

Overview of a remarkable memory model which exhibits many of the known attributes of human memory

Rebuttal to misstatements about SJ Gould, and fossils answering several creationist challenges

Answer to the amazing claim that "No scientist would ever use such an ignorant term as 'human evolution.'"

Eighteen references in answer to the creationist claim that "Gene duplication has never been observed"

Refutation of a creationist's claim that neither Gould nor Darwin did any actual research

Refutation of a creationist's claim that "Creationism and creationist are words made up by evolutionists to attack the opponents of evolution"

Refutation of a creationist's claim that "Gould and Eldredge completely rejected Darwinian evolution", and a clarification of the reasons for the sparsity of the fossil record

Punctuated equilibrim is not a departure from Darwin's original theory

Two papers on assembly of proteins by means of non-protein means

Reviews of two "classical music as applied to goofy pop culture" albums

Response to Behe's "Irreducible Complexity", and the Contingency argument

Mathematical analysis of a case where simple evolutionary principles provide a speedup over random chance by a factor of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Musings on creationist probability calculations, and references to abiogenesis papers

A reflection on "drama queens"

Critique of Michael Cremo's "evidence" for 10-million+ year old "modern" man

More JFK conspiracy nonsense addressed

Addressing misconceptions that there are still lots of "sealed" JFK records

Overview of the evidence for the involvement of an asteroid strike in the extinction of the dinosaurs

Followup to the above post

Critique of the book of Enoch in regards to astronomical accuracy

Musings on the identity of the biblical "Behemoth" and "Leviathan"

Explanation of why shared endogenous retroviruses are extremely strong evidence for common descent

Explanation of nested hierarchies, and how individuals in evolving species still manage to mate with their cohorts

My analysis of specific basepair mutations in a small stretch of the "Vitamin C" gene, and its implications for evolution

References to the eternally predicted (from 1840 onward) but slow to arrive "death of evolution"

Why lists of "people who doubt evolution" don't matter

Discussion with a thoughtful creationist

Specific comparison of a gene as found in humans, chimps, gorillas, and orangutans

A modest proposal to a creationist

Further discussion of the modest proposal

Exposition on the Dodo (and its evolutionary history)

Rebuttal to various creationist errors concerning the Grand Canyon

Discussion of Archaeopteryx, and why it's not "just a bird" or "just a reptile". Also, details on the fraudulent 'Archaeoraptor' fossil

I find a big hole in ICR's "Carbon 14" paper

Explanation of why young-Earth "findings" carry a larger burden of proof than more conventional findings, and why it's rational to consider them with skepticism

Critique of a new-agey "resonance theory of thought"

Description of one of the many ways that sexual reproduction can arise from asexual origins

On the origins and temperament of Rottweilers

Why the Piltdown hoax wasn't so obviously a hoax at first

How geckos stick to walls

How to learn to not flinch while shooting a gun

More updates on abiogenesis research

Rebuttal to Ashby Camp's attack on talk.origins (a favorite of creationists)

Yes, Virginia, there is calibration of carbon-dating

Rebuttal to creationist attacks on the "peppered moth" example

Review of "Godel, Escher, Bach"

Musing on the original of the esthetic sense

What's wrong with Setterfield's "c-decay" notion (a favorite of creationists)

Epistemology as it concerns the ICR "carbon-dating" paper

On the induced rearrangement of genetic material

Followup to above

The anti-federalist Framers were influential and right on many points

Overview of a paper on the evolution of army ants

Yes, a transistor really is two diodes back to back

How humans and chimps ended up having different number of chromosomes, and how this supports our common ancestry

An examination of DNA showing that yes, contrary to creationist claims, humans really are genetically closer to chimps than nematodes

Thought experiment raising questions about why God only seems to "design" things such that they appear to have come about by evolution, instead of the myriad other ways he could have done so

On the Cambrian fauna and the rise of phyla

More on the above topic

Critique of Lee Spetner's anti-evolution arguments

A ton of links to papers on genetic algorithms

Cladograms of dino-to-bird evolution

Why Danny Glover is despicable

A defense of talk.origins against ill-conceived attacks

Details of Dawkins' "methinks it is like a weasel" evolutionary program

The original fish-to-elephant post, plus dino-to-bird details

My observations on the Second Amendment implications and interpretations of the US. v Miller Supreme Court decision