Since Nov 15, 2000

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The mundanes are boring. Catholic, Wife, mom, homeschool, slightly crunchy conservative, SCA member, actor, writer, ghost hunter, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah...... Let me tell you about Molly Rose and how I am teased about getting things by wishing. On Tuesday, 26 January, our family dog (a labrador), Moses, took himself for a walk and not looking both ways to cross the street was killed moments before we found him. Six weeks later, having wished for another dog, I heard my son say, "Mom, a white dog is in our backyard." The only white dog I knew better not have been walking around the backyard or he was a zombie. Sure enough, a white dog was in our backyard. She was a beautiful little lady. We spent the day walking the neighborhood with her, talking to neighbors, asking postmen. The answer was always, "I have never seen that dog before, but she sure is beautiful."

The cats hated her from the second she touched our doorstep. One by one, they attacked her, looking like maniacal stuffed toys, as she yelped from the scratches.

After two weeks of postings, ads, and trying to rehome her, I finally gave up and decided she got her way. She wanted to adopt me and did. She barely has her back teeth coming in, so is just a puppy. But, what a big puppy she is. We have been training her to walk like a lady and follow basic commands.

So continues the story of Molly Rose. Now, if only she would stop with that sweet tooth. Photobucket