Since Jan 29, 2002

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I've lived in many states in this beautiful country, but Indiana is my home and where my heart is.

Some of my heroes

Ronald Reagan gave me hope when so much seemed bleak. Phyllis Schlafly showed me how to stand firm for my beliefs with grace and strength. John Quincy Adams fought slavery and the gag rule in Congress against overwhelming odds, showing courage and strength and service to others.

I've been an unpaid volunteer lobbyist [and my bill won against big odds], a homeschool mother for many years, the wife of a Vietnam Navy veteran, a sister to many brothers, a patriot, and most important a Christian. I am a librarian and I am in the process of writing a genealogy book. I've been lurking on FreeRepublic since the election of 2000 and registered in January 2002. Thank you Jim Robinson for this forum.