Since Dec 9, 2009

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A transplant to the UP of Michigan through Wisconsin. A Conservative Lutheran that believes strongly in the USA. I have been employed by the US Government in the past, I love my country, I like the current leadership. I see this administration leading the country in a path that is totally in tune to the US Constitution. When I worked for the US Government I made a declaration to serve the Constitution from terrorists both domestic and foreign. I am Tea Party Adherent. My Conservative Lutheran convictions instill my understanding of civilian government. My education has been in US History undergraduate and graduate, Constitutional law(graduate). Plus I have a Masters in Theology, Masters in Counseling. I work with people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and referrals from physicians for people in need of assistance. I am extremely versed in black liberation theology (marxism), dispensationalism, and dominion theology. I truly hope I can be a positive participant on Free Republic.