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Index last updated on 1/11/15 through 1/31/45.

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C = Regular Column
W = News of the Week in Review
B = Book Review

Abend, Hallett
10/10/38, Shanghai, Japanese Go up Yangtze
3/22/39, Shanghai, Millions in China Wander Homeless
3/22/39, Shanghai, Japanese Report Widespread Gains
3/23/39, Shanghai, Moves for Peace Gain in China War
10/3/39, Shanghai, Soviet Reported Pouring Men Into China, Menacing Either British India or Japan
11/4/39, Shanghai, New Regime is Pushed
12/23/39, Shanghai, Chinese Claims Denied
12/29/39, Shanghai, Tokyo Fliers Bomb Lanchow 3d Day
1/11/40, Shanghai, Japanese Deliver Secret Ultimatum to French in China
2/3/40, Shanghai, Japanese Tighten Vast Trap in China
2/4/40, Shanghai, Japanese Report Gains on Vast Line
2/11/40, Shanghai, Japan’s Army Meeting with Heavy Resistance (W)
2/17/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Accord Reached on Police
3/2/40, Shanghai, Japan Keeps Rule in Shanghai Pact
3/26/40, Swatow, China, Japanese Control in Swatow Feeble
5/15/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Doubts Italy will Fight
7/1/40, Shanghai, Britain to Resist Southward Move b the Japanese
7/9/40, Shanghai, Japan Complains that Our Marines Insulted Her Army
7/10/40, Shanghai, Sentiment is Inflamed
7/21/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Guards American Writers
8/5/40, Shanghai, Indo-China Falling under Tokyo Rule; Indies Plans Near
9/23/40, Shanghai, Critical Position for U.S.
9/25/40, Shanghai, Hitler is Said to be Forcing Japan into the Axis for Attack on Britain
9/28/40, Shanghai, Stalin’s Demands Said to Be Large
10/13/40, Shanghai, Value of Burma Road to China is Cut Down (W)
2/16/41,Asiatic Powers Prepare for Japan’s Thrust (W)
3/16/41, Washington, Chiang and Communists Shelve Fight (W)
5/17/41, Washington, Japan is Seen Aiding Chinese Communists, Letting Them March into 3 Coast Provinces
5/30/41, Washington, Halifax Says Lesson of Crete Will Deter Nazis from Invasion
6/6/41, Washington, Japan Asking U.S. for No-War Pact
6/8/41, Washington, Japan’s Overtures Stir Washington’s Suspicion (W)
6/16/41, Washington, Nazis Reported Pressing Soviet to Turn Over Warships to Japan
7/25/41, Washington, Japanese Action in Burma is Seen
8/3/41, Washington, France is Warned
8/6/41, Washington, U.S. Aid to Soviet is Snag for Japan
10/18/41, Auckland, New Zealand, Japanese Upset Alarms Antipodes
10/30/41, Honolulu, Honolulu Expects Two-Ocean War
11/2/41, Honolulu, Japan’s Warships Pry in U.S. Waters

Adams, Frank S.
10/18/38, New Orleans, President’s Eucharistic Message Bases Peace on Sermon on Mount
2/11/40, Washington, Youth Told Stand (L)
2/12/40, Washington, First Lady Balks at Advising Youth to Uphold Finland (L)
6/27/41, St. Paul, Minn., Pope Pius Warns ‘Black Paganism’ is World Menace
10/2/41, Indianapolis, ‘Distant War’ Best (L)
9/7/43, Philadelphia, 8 Cars Jump Rails (L)
4/26/44, Eisenhower Tells Publishers of Aid on Invasion News

Adams, J. Donald
10/20/40, For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway (B)

Aldridge, James
12/20/39, With the Finnish Forces, Russian Advance Made at High Cost
12/25/39, Rovaniemi, Finland, Battle is Marked by Frozen Bodies
12/29/39, With the Finnish Arctic Army, near Kemijaervi, Finns Cut Russian Patrol to Bits in Fierce Battle amid Arctic Snow
1/3/40, With the Finnish Forces, on the Petsamo Front, Cold Rivals Finns as Russians’ Foe; Weather Kills as many as Bullets
2/6/40, Helsinki, U.S. Finns fighting North of Ladoga
2/12/40, With the Finnish Army, North of Lake Ladoga, U.S. Finns in War Led by ‘Tough’ New Yorker; Roosevelts’ Ex-Chauffeur is Proud of Unit
2/16/40, Helsinki, Battle Climax Held Near
3/26/40, Stockholm, Soviet’s Air Force Held Strong; Bombers and Fighters Effective
4/15/40, On Norwegian-Swedish Border, Need of Allied Aid Obvious in Norway
4/17/40, On the Norwegian-Swedish Border, Ill-Armed Norse Face Deadly Fire
8/2/40, With the British Forces on the Egyptian-Libyan Border, Besieged Capuzzo is Battered Daily
8/10/40, Cairo, Alexandria Drive Foreseen
8/20/40, Cairo, R.A.F. in Egypt Wins High Ratings; 90 Per Cent Efficiency is Claimed
9/18/40, Cairo, R.A.F. ‘Pours Hell’ on Italian Forces
9/19/40, With the British Army in Egypt, Britons in Desert Harass Italians in a Series of Swift Flank Thrusts
11/14/40, With the Greek Forces in Northwestern Greece, Greeks Mopping Up after Big Battle
11/29/40, With the Greek Forces on the Albanian Border, Greek Unit Surprises the Italians and Walks off with Machine Gun
12/3/40, With the Greek Forces in Southwestern Albania, Greeks Hold Foe in Mountain Trap, but Terrain Makes the Gains Slow
12/14/40, With the Greek Forces, north of Argyrokastron, Albania, Italians Drop Guns in Hasty Retreat
1/2/41, Northeastern Front, Albania, Cold is Worst Enemy in Albania; Fight in Northeast Now Desultory

Allen, Edward Frank
2/9/41, Squadrons Up! A Firsthand Story of the R.A.F., by Noel Monks (B)

Allen Jay
8/6/41, Released Writer Sees Failure of Nazis in Creating New Order

Allen, Larry
9/6/40, With the British Fleet, Somewhere in the Mediterranean, British Shell Isle in the Dodecanese
12/14/40, Aboard a British