Since Apr 12, 2000

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Conservative, abrupt, and logical. I hold religion to be a deeply personal issue, and never a public one. Those who would force their religion, faith or superstitions upon the public, are to be more feared than terrorists at large. For terrorists know they are doing evil to obtain their ends. Religious fanatics, on the other hand, believe that their actions are inherently 'good', even as they trample the rights, dignity and lives of those they wish to 'save'.

I have little use for the self-religious. If you cannot defend an idea without resorting to religion, and/or your interpretation of scriptures; you are a either simply stupid or gullible, either way, devoid of individual thought. For each of us has our own religion, and interpretations; Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Wicca and Satanic are all equal under the laws of the land. Logic is the only common trade piece."