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OK, people... I think the time has come to get our Apocalypses sorted.
Can't tell the White Hats from the Black Hats without a Program, so...

...let us begin with the basics. Everyone repeat after me:
Seals, and Trumpets, and Bowls! Oh, MY!
Seals, and Trumpets, and Bowls! Oh, MY!
Seals, and Trumpets, and Bowls! Oh, MY!

Alright, alright... settle down. Yeah, you zealots in the back can do it seven times in a row if you want; we'll wait.
[Honestly, sometimes it's just easier to make people happy.]

So...SEALS. TRUMPETS. BOWLS -- yeah, OK, VIALS in some versions. But seven of each. I happen to like BOWLS better than VIALS, 'cuz bigger just seems better when it comes to pouring out God's wrath on His ultimate enemies.

Anyway, here's the outline:
SEALS -- redemptive in purpose. Calculated to wake you up to a bigger reality you've been ignoring too much.
TRUMPETS 1-6 -- ditto, but greatly exponentiated.
TRUMPET 7 -- GRACE OVER. The Box Office is now CLOSED. If y'ain't in by now, y'ain't gettin' in.
...and cue BOWLS -- Actual Wrath of God. Not EVEN a game. Meet Jesus The Assassin. Yeah. For real. Stick with me, here.

Now, since people are seeing Russian influence everywhere...
The Seals, Trumpets and Bowls are like those nesting Matryoshka dolls:
SEAL 7 is comprised of all Seven TRUMPETS.
TRUMPET 7 is comprised of all Seven BOWLS AND The Second Coming of Christ.

The Apocalypse cranks up in earnest in Revelation chapter 6, with the Four Horsemen of The New Jerusalem Polo Team. Team motto: "We Play For Keeps." Go figure.
SEAL 1 - The Rider on the White Horse goes out to conquest.
SEAL 2 - The Rider on the Red Horse incites mankind to WAR!
SEAL 3 - The Rider on the Black Horse brings famine, lack, and hyperinflation.
SEAL 4 - The Rider on the Ashen Horse, Death, claims 1/4th of the living by sword, famine, plague, and even the wild animals get vicious and start taking people out. And, get a load of Death on his horse, making poor Hades WALK the whole way. What's with THAT? I thought they were, like, simpatico, no?
SEAL 5 - Everyone takes a breather while God talks to the Martyred Dead who were killed for being followers of Jesus. They get new white robes -- I always envision a sort of multi-layer, uber-white, flowing-but-functional Gandalf The White type of garb, here -- then God tells them to hang for awhile longer, but get changed, and be ready, 'cuz...tick-tock...

The havoc wrought by The Polo Team was savage, but it's all stuff mankind has seen, before: conquerors, wars, famines, plagues -- been there; done that; got the mass graves to prove it. But NOW it gets REAL. THIS right here is ALL epic, and never-before-seen havoc:
SEAL 6 - MASSIVE global earthquake that shifts EVERY mountain and island on the planet, sun blacked out, moon looks like blood, unprecedented meteorite shower -- they're hitting the ground, people!! -- then the whole sky cracks open.
God's up there on His throne, all "CAN YOU HEAR ME, NOW??" 'Cuz, repenting and turning TO Him is the point, here.

After all that intensity, we get a chapter 7 breakout session where an angle explains a few things happening concurrently with the main narrative.

Chapter 8 and we're back into the thick of it with...
SEAL 7 - it's not another disaster, no; THIS time it's SEVEN. SEVEN. SEVEN-IN-ONE. Yes, seven entirely new and more terrifying disasters announced by seven angels, each with a trumpet, or horn of some kind, and each one sounds a blast on their instrument:
TRUMPET 1 - hail and fire mixed with blood rains down and burns ALL the grass, and 1/3 of everything else.
TRUMPET 2 - a "burning mountain" (asteroid?) lands in the sea (dunno which one) destroying 1/3 of the shipping, and 1/3 of all sea life.
TRUMPET 3 - a burning "star from heaven" falls to earth and poisons 1/3 of the planet's fresh water.
TRUMPET 4 - the sun, moon, and stars are dimmed by 1/3.

So, we're REELING from the effects of all this when this angle comes out and says the NEXT THREE Trumpets are SPECIAL because they are "Woes" in and of themselves.
TRUMPET 5 (WOE #1) - The Abyss is opened releasing a great swarm of stinging scorpion-locusts to torment all who do not follow Christ for five months BUT NOBODY CAN DIE.
TRUMPET 6 (WOE #2) - a great army of 200,000,000 "horsemen," is the best ol' St. John can do to describe them, comes from the east and kills 1/3 of mankind.

WHEW! YIKES! Somebody get me an iced mocha; this is gettin' intense, here!

So, the angel relating the narrative cuts to some sidebar info through chapter 10, down into verse 14 of chapter 11, to give us all a break. And THEN...Oh, boy -- and *THEN*...

TRUMPET 7 (WOE #3) - announces a whole series of events:
-- Title to the Earth is no longer held by Satan, it has now become the kingdom of God, and of Messiah
-- there is a declaration that the time is now for judgment and reward (don't miss the bit about destroying those who destroy the Earth)
-- chapter 11, verse 19 the Ark of God's Covenant is seen in the Holiest Place in His Temple in Heaven
-- a great lighting and thunder storm accompanied my massive hail <== HOLD THAT THOUGHT

...because we now bridge across a few chapters of other backstory, sidebar, and concurrent events to chapter 16, verse 5, where we -- again -- pick back up with...

-- the Ark of God's Covenant visible in His Temple in Heaven

[NOTE: In case you're wondering what happens to the righteous followers of Jesus; they are "harvested" (the Rapture) out of the Earth by "one like a son of man" (i.e. NOT an angel, but Jesus THE Son of Man), in chapter 14, verses 14-16. So, they witnessed everything up to now. Some died in the cataclysms, some were martyred, and some survived through it all.]

-- STILL on Trumpet 7 (WOE #3), here -- NOW Seven angles show up with Bowls of The Wrath of God. There are no righteous remaining on the Earth at this point, only the most stubborn opposers of God, and He lets them have everything they've let themselves in for; no holds barred.
---- BOWL 1 - worshipers of The Beast bearing his mark break out in "loathsome sores"
---- BOWL 2 - the sea becomes blood and everything left in it dies
---- BOWL 3 - the remaining fresh waters not poisoned already turn to blood and all that is in them dies
---- BOWL 4 - the Sun goes all "killshot" coronal mass ejection and fries humanity fiercely
---- BOWL 5 - the kingdom of The Beast is plunged into darkness (is the Sun mostly spent, now?)
---- BOWL 6 - the Euphrates runs dry opening the way for nations of the east to come by land to Armageddon
---- BOWL 7 - Remember I said to HOLD THAT THOUGHT?
Massive LIGHTNING, roaring THUNDER, biggest quake EVER toppling ALL the cities of man, sinking every island, flattening every mountain, and MASSIVE HAIL.

We pause a moment for station identification:
This is your Apocalyptic Global Network. And now, here's one of the bowl-carrying angels to tell you more about why all this is so severe. Chapters 17 and 18 delve into the vileness of Babylon, her glory, her corruption, her global commerce, her pollution of all the kings of the Earth, her blood feud against The Saints, and her ultimate, total ruin.

We now return you to The Apocalypse, already in progress, to close out BOWL 7, which -- in turn -- closes out TRUMPET 7 (WOE #3)
-- Revelation 19:11 - The Second Coming of Christ.
Astride a White Horse, dressed for war, with his robes already dripping with the blood of his slain foes (ref. Isaiah 63:1-6), backed up by -- you remember SEAL 5, and the new white robes? Well, here they come -- the armies of heaven on horseback in white robes. And he treads the winepress of God's Wrath (ref. Rev. 14:17-20), and his sword -- did I mention that he's in full-on wartime justice mode, here?? The Antichrist and his False Prophet sidekick get an eternal stewing in Lake O'Fire (v.20), and Jesus -- remember him from the manger, all meek and mild? Yeah, well -- he takes his sword and PERSONALLY assassinates EVERYONE ELSE, right down to the very last man (v.21).

Never thought you'd find THE REAL ASSASSIN'S CREED in the Bible, eh? But -- ooop! There it is!

So, now ya know your Abyss from a hole in the ground, you can navigate The Apocalypse with the advantage of knowing beforehand what's coming next. I suggest an even BETTER advantage would be navigating it knowing Jesus, too, since that's the ENTIRE point, and the only survivable position.

"Weather. We've got — wwweather..."
— "Dr. Don Rose" R.I.P.
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"The Law" by Frédéric Bastiat

"...[T]his is a world filled with both true and false notions and...we have a rational obligation to separate the two and a moral obligation to follow truth. We don't understand that because our own Christian world view is not broad. We don't have a rich understanding of the ramifications of what we hold to be true. Instead, things aren't true or false; they're pleasant or unpleasant, appealing or unappealing, liked or disliked. The fact is that our Christianity is not our preference. It ought not be for you. If your Christianity is what you prefer, you're missing entirely what Christianity is all about. I do not prefer Christianity. I prefer agnosticism. It's much easier. It's much less troublesome. I could do more of what I want. The fact is, I believe that Christianity is true so I'm rationally and morally obligated to follow it. And because it's true, there is a necessary quality to it."
— Gregory Koukl,   Preference or Truth?

"If you think we ought not rape the environment, then the reason is that we have a stewardship. But then you've got God in your lap, as well, and a whole bunch of other things come with it, too. That's the way world views work."
— Gregory Koukl,  World Views & Earth Day

If you aren't man enough to stand on your own two feet, and negotiate your own compensation package with an employer, you ought not be allowed out in public alone. Get back home to Mommy. And get that diaper changed while you're at it.

If you can, grasp this: public education is a national sin more egregious than the holocaust of abortion, for abortion denies life to the innocent, yet inducts them into an eternity in Heaven; public education warps the minds of the living, often for the entirety of their Earthly existence, and, insofar as it may become permissible under Law, sets them on-course for an eternity in Hell.

Sadly, I am not out of my mind to talk this way, but you must find that out for yourself. Explore the system from a vantage point the benefit of which you have never before had.

Engage "The Underground History of American Education" for an in-depth exploration.

Happily, Mr. Gatto has posted the entirety of the work on Lew Rockwell's website, beginning with the Prologue.

I believe I'll go fishing.

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