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"The Law" by Frédéric Bastiat

"...[T]his is a world filled with both true and false notions and...we have a rational obligation to separate the two and a moral obligation to follow truth. We don't understand that because our own Christian world view is not broad. We don't have a rich understanding of the ramifications of what we hold to be true. Instead, things aren't true or false; they're pleasant or unpleasant, appealing or unappealing, liked or disliked. The fact is that our Christianity is not our preference. It ought not be for you. If your Christianity is what you prefer, you're missing entirely what Christianity is all about. I do not prefer Christianity. I prefer agnosticism. It's much easier. It's much less troublesome. I could do more of what I want. The fact is, I believe that Christianity is true so I'm rationally and morally obligated to follow it. And because it's true, there is a necessary quality to it."
— Gregory Koukl,   Preference or Truth?

"If you think we ought not rape the environment, then the reason is that we have a stewardship. But then you've got God in your lap, as well, and a whole bunch of other things come with it, too. That's the way world views work."
— Gregory Koukl,  World Views & Earth Day

If you aren't man enough to stand on your own two feet, and negotiate your own compensation package with an employer, you ought not be allowed out in public alone. Get back home to Mommy. And get that diaper changed while you're at it.
"Weather. We've got — wwweather..."
— "Dr. Don Rose" R.I.P.
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If you can, grasp this: public education is a national sin more egregious than the holocaust of abortion, for abortion denies life to the innocent, yet inducts them into an eternity in Heaven; public education warps the minds of the living, often for the entirety of their Earthly existence, and, insofar as it may become permissible under Law, sets them on-course for an eternity in Hell.

Sadly, I am not out of my mind to talk this way, but you must find that out for yourself. Explore the system from a vantage point the benefit of which you have never before had.

Engage "The Underground History of American Education" for an in-depth exploration.

Happily, Mr. Gatto has posted the entirety of the work on Lew Rockwell's website, beginning with the Prologue.

I believe I'll go fishing.

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