Since May 14, 2005

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78 in June 2010 [one third as old as the United States]. Born in and raised around Washington, D. C. It used to be a very pretty town.

Had ancestors or relatives in every major American conflict since King Philip's War (1675-6) up to Viet Nam.

As a kid in the 1930's and early 40's, used to shoot rabbits out the bedroom window in MD. Could roam and hunt for miles and miles through woods and farms that are now miles and miles of suburbs with neat postage-stamp front lawns and neighborhood malls. Where the hell did they all come from?

Now living in South Florida 40-odd years (neat postage-stamp front lawn, came from up North). Biologist by education [PhD], now retired. Married 30-plus years to the sweetest woman I ever met. She’s a Texas gal (part Creek).

Used to be a Democrat. Jimmy Carter cured me.

Lots of time on the Internet (mostly lurking Free Republic). One morning a week at the range (reload GP11 ... Berdan primers are a pain). One night a week at the Schützenverein (drinking beer) where my elder brother shoots the FWB603 air rifle and drives me home.

  Lied des Katers Hiddigeigei

Menschentun ist ein Verkehrtes,
Menschentun ist Ach und Krach;
Im Bewußtsein seines Wertes
Sitzt der Kater auf dem Dach!
An dem Ende seiner Tage
Steht der Kater Hiddigeigei,
Und er denkt mit leiser Klage,
Wie sein Dasein bald vorbei sei.
Harmlos Volk! In Selbstbetäubung
Werdet ihr noch lyrisch tollen,
Wenn vernichtend schon des Ostens
Tragisch dumpfe Donner rollen!
Ledern sind sie und langweilig,
Kurz und dünn ist ihr Gedächtnis;
Nur sehr wen'ge halten heilig
Ihrer Ahnherrn fromm Vermächtnis.