hemi dawg
Since Oct 16, 2004

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I was born in Gary, Indiana; raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and have lived in Dupage County (near Chicago, Illinois--DEEP red--Rumsfeld's old district) for the past 20 years. (I've also lived and worked in Texas, Los Angeles, and New York)
I have 46 years and four brothers; five if you count my sister.
One beautiful wife of 21 years; 7 of them happy.
Two children; deadly handsome and sweet young man looking to marry rich woman and beautiful genius girl looking for boy who is willing to be scolded into submission.

I enjoy sex, cars, guns, sports, the Bible, tobacco, booze and...did I mention sex?

When I was six years old, I remember asking my Daddy why he didn't care for JFK: all the TV guys thought JFK was great. Daddy said, "JKF is one of those rich Democrats who wants to give away my money." I've been Republican ever since.

Don't support a war unless you or a loved one are willing to fight it.