Since Feb 18, 2003

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I am a REPUBLICAN political activist.

I am a prolifer. I believe that the protection of the life of its citizens is a basic function of government federal state or otherwise.

I am an advocate of smaller limited government. Libertarians basically trending toward anarchy are irritating however.

I believe this is a Christian nation that tolerates and accommodates all religions. (Except our own of course!)

I believe in a strict literal understanding of the constitution. I think a lot of 'defenders' of the constitution are basically defenders of what they wish it said. (Yes this means on the Dem side as well as the Libertarians.) I guess the reason Libertarians irritate me so much is that they sit back and take pot shots at the Republicans who are out there doing all the heavy lifting for the conservative movement and then they come up with a lot of goofy off the wall stuff that they say makes them "more conservative" than the Republicans.

At any rate I am an eternal optimist and I believe America's brightest days are ahead of her. I believe we are still the greatest country on the face of the earth and I think the United Nations is a despotic regime that needs to pack up and head to Montreal if they don't like US Republicanism being exported to the world over.


I read about US National Guardsmen being forced to retreat from our own border today (1/5/2007). I have never been so discouraged by a domestic event. What has happened to us? Who are we?

Who clipped the wings? What happened to us?

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