Since Nov 17, 2004

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I am blessed by God beyond what I could ever expect or imagine.

I was blind and now I see. I made a profession of faith and was baptized in 1972. There was no change or redirection of my life because I had no model or example to follow. Jesus to me meant “Jesus Freaks” or people on the corners in the 60’s and 70’s with little signs.

But amazingly, the Holy Spirit began to redirect my thinking to analyzing what my behavior was and what it should be. Then the Lord brought me to an Alliance church where He brought 2 women into my life who were willing to model for me, how to be a Godly wife, loving mother and that I could read scripture for myself. I was shocked by what I read. Wow, issues that I struggled to decide what my opinion would be were now pointless struggles because the Bible had the Truth. I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t reading and soaking it in.

Those women are still my best and most intimate friends. And the first friends I ever had. God is so patient, but above all His love overwhelms me. That the creator of the universe listens to me, guides me, has made a place for me for eternity, orders the steps of my life and allows me to see Him working and has allowed me to become a friend of His is far beyond my ability to grasp. But I’m still working on it and my goal is to be a ‘backdoor’ friend of Jesus. I’d like to be so familiar to Him that I can just slip in the back door of heaven, I won’t have to go to the front door and knock.

He has brought me from wayward sinner to beloved child and along the way has enlarged me with my beloved husband, 4 amazing children, their spouses and now 10 over the top grandchildren who I plan on holding that back door open for, and many many friends who have guided me along the way. He is so good to me. ********************************************************************************* I wanted to post this on what I knew would be a controversial thread but before I finished typing, it was pulled. "If I were to make a specific comment and put my neck out, my frustration is with all who rely on someone else to feed them as opposed to going Directly to the Bread of Life. No one needs an intermediary, everyone can go directly to God Himself, through His word(which is understandable by the common man), through prayer and meditation, and through Jesus Christ the One who paid the price so that the veil might be rent and we might have access to the Father, God Almighty, Creator of All.